02 January 2010

So that was last year

 2009 Part Two
Continuing with the look back at 2009 on Plymothian Transit:

July - Railway station usage figures for all Devon and Cornwall mapped. Walking like an engineer. Citybus to get secondhand double deckers! The WNPG Rally - in the wet.

August - Casper the Cat makes the news whilst The Sun transforms Plymouth! Western Greyhound expand even more. The Green Army goes red and white. Vandalism in Millbay. Millbay dereliction
Its War! First go on the attack but Citybus soon strike back.

September - The Green Army bus routes expand already. The Wider view - warnings from Reading, Rossendale, and Preston. Topless Atlantean comes home. Torpoint troubles.The new Ugo bus fleet revealed - and its impressive.

October - Special fares from First, Citybus 52 blues,Citybus go Pay Point.

November - Cheaper and later, RTP Dissapointment, Progress - stalled at Derriford. Accident in Saltash - in 1905. Monday is a big day - the reult of which is Citybus to Go-Ahead.

December - Experimental trafic jams at Derriford. Mince Pies at Plym Valley. Buses all a Twitter. Bad Wrap for Citybus.
Citybus - every little helps. Enjoy the break.

Of course there was one big story in Plymouth which isn't really covered above, and that was the long drawn out saga that saw Citybus being sold to Go-Ahead. In the end it wasn't perhaps as bad as the Preston saga, and at least the result is generally regarded as a good one (assuming it had to be sold at all - which many disagree with!). All of this has been plotted on the Citybus Sale Timeline as well as the various blog posts throughout the year...

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