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September has been a colourful month so far with more Blue Flash Volvos for Citybus and bright pink fronted Enviros being launched for Park & Ride by First.
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30 September 2014

Another week on VOSA: 7-13th

The second week of September (7th - 13th) saw a few interesting items pop up

We start with Riverlink 100:

Applications to Vary Existing Service: VOSA 10 SEP 2014


Variation Accepted: Operating between Totnes and Paignton Bus Station/ Torquay Strand given service number 100 effective from 03-Nov-2014. To amend Stopping Places and Timetable.

This is just a seasonal change to the timetable. The new times can be found on the Riverlink 100 page as above

We then get a couple of related notices from Western Greyhound and Plymouth Citybus:

Cancellations of Existing Services VOSA 10 SEP 2014:


Cancellation Accepted by SN:
Operating between CALLINGTON ( NEW ROAD) and TAVISTOCK ( BUS STATION ) given service number 574 effective from 22-Sep-2014.

Applications to Vary Existing Service: VOSA 10 SEP 2014


Variation Accepted by SN: Operating between LISKEARD and CALLINGTON
given service number 574/575 effective from 22-Sep-2014.
To amend Timetable.

21 September 2014

Following consultation with Cornwall Council a revised timetable will be introduced from Monday 22nd September 2014 running between Liskeard and Callington. The section between Callington and Tavistock being run by Plymouth CityBus as the 79/79A. The new timetable for the 79/79A is available from the Plymouth CityBus website.


Registration of New Service: VOSA 11 SEP 2014


Registration Accepted by SN
Starting Point: Callington, New Road Finish Point: Tavistock Bus Station Via: Calstock, Gunnislake
Service Number: 79 Service Type: Normal Stopping/Hail & Ride
Effective Date: 22-SEP-2014
Other Details: Monday to Saturday.

22 September 2014

We are pleased to announced that from 22nd September 2014 we will be operating the 79/A between Tavistock and Callington. Cornwall Council has confirmed that from Monday 22 September, the bus service between Callington and Tavistock will transfer from Western Greyhound Ltd to Plymouth Citybus Ltd. The Council is grateful to Western Greyhound for cooperating and ensuring a smooth transition to the new service. The new service has been revised slightly to give better efficiency. Provision will be restored to housing estates on the north of Callington and journey time between the two mains towns of Callington and Tavistock has also been reduced.

Journeys through Harrowbarrow and Metherall will return to the pre June 2014 frequency level of two-hourly. The Cothele area will be served by a dial-a-ride service provided by Darren’s Taxis of Callington.

Peter Oliver, Commercial Manager of Plymouth Citybus Ltd, said “Plymouth Citybus is delighted to be once again operating the service between Callington and Tavistock under the service number 79/A.

The new timetable maintains a number of important links within Callington and an hourly service between Callington and Tavistock with journeys now able to accommodate a number of the school movements between the two towns".

There will be two new tickets introduced specifically for the 79/79A route between Tavistock and Callington.

These will be a 7 day ticket that will be available from the driver and via the plymouthbus mobile app at £16 adult and £13 child (under 19), plus a 31 day ticket available from plymouthbus mobile only at £59 adult and £44.25 child.

In addition to this the Plymouth Citybus Tavi tickets will also be extended to include the 79/79A, meaning that passengers can extend their travel onto services 11 and 42, plus all zone 1 and 2 Citybus services for a small extra charge. .


Standing in

[cc] Nick Rice April 2014

Hopefully these routes will now settle down a bit as its all been a bit turbulent for passengers since the sad demise of DAC!

The last VOSA notice for the week comes from First Service 76 :

Applications to Vary Existing Service: VOSA 11 SEP 2014


Variation Accepted: Operating between PLYMOUTH Bretonside Bus Station and LAUNCESTON Westgate Street given service number 76
effective from 10-Oct-2014.
To amend Route and Timetable.

As for previously announced timetable changes, Sunday 7th saw quiote a few changes for First Plymouth including the end of service 4 into Keyham, leaving the area to Plymouth Citybus. The other timetable change was Jacketts 52 service which unusually introduced its (slightly) reduced service from Tuesday 9th ...

Jacketts 52

From Tuesday 9th September 2014 there will be changes made to some of the evening journeys on service 52 The 16:15 journey will now leave Derriford Hospital at 16:25 and will run 10 minutes later throughout. The 17:15 and the 17:45 will be replaced with a single journey at 17:40. Buses will also now serve ASDA at all times of the day These changes are to ensure the long term viability of this route. TIMETABLE PDF

Recommended Reading

  • HUMBER TRANSPORT: EYMS VOSA Changes The following variations, cancellations and registrations have been published on the VOSA website today. I presumme the 155 registration covers the tendered Sunday service.
  • BENJIS BUSES: 64 Plate Buses Now for some fun and games! Three out of the four Unilink liveried Volvo B7RLE / Wright Eclipse 2's at Eastleigh (delivered on 14 plates) have had a reregistration
  • LANCASTER OMNIBUS: Transport Direct Closes Down Tomorrow but Traveline Has Gone National (in the South East!) Although not without its critics, Transport Direct did have one major advantage over Traveline in that it was presented as one single nationwide site rather then Traveline's series of regional sites that require you to know into which of its areas your proposed journey fell and with each site presenting the results in a different style as compared to TD's standard output.
  • FOCUS TRANSPORT: Harwich to Esbjerg Ferry Service Ends The UK's only ferry link to Scandinavia has closed for good, marking the "the end of an era", its operator says. The route between Harwich, Essex and Esbjerg in Denmark, run by DFDS Seaways, has been in operation for nearly 140 years.
  • IAN VISITS: More moves towards driverless trains on the Underground It’s possibly worth noting that the Victoria, Jubilee, Central and from later this year the Northern lines are already driven under automatic train operation, but with an operator on board, so they are essentially driverless, but with the operator sitting in a drivers cab rather than standing in the carriage
  • IPSWICH BUS BLOG: IPSWICH BUSES THE EIGHTIES Coming in at the start of the decade was 4 ex West Yorkshire PTE and formally Leeds City Transport Atlanteans registered UNW 401-04H one 42 only lasted 2 years and never got repainted, never popular with drivers and passengers due to poor ventilation and heavy driving 66986 BACK IN SERVICE Many thanks to James Long and the depot staff allowing him to take the photo for supplying me with a photo of 66986 KX05 MHU as twice today i missed a photo opportunity first another bus blocked it in
  • LEON DANIELS: Tube train returns to Ongar branch after 20 years Twenty years ago London Transport ‘pulled the plug’ on the Epping-Ongar branch of the Central line.
  • PUBLIC TRANSPORT EXPERIENCE: Underground, Overgound : The New Map [1] Wombles are organised, Boris in charge Seeking the Overground routes to enlarge; Underground, Overground, doffing our cap, Consulting commuters with a new map

29 September 2014

A week on VOSA

It seems that the VOSA website is now working properly again so I have been able to go back through September to see what is happening. Lets start off with the first week of September on VOSA :

We start with a batch of applications to change the timetable of Stagecoach X9 Bude to Exeter service:

Applications to Vary Existing Service: VOSA 01 Sep 2014

PH1020951/183 - STAGECOACH DEVON LTD T/A Stagecoach South West, BELGRAVE ROAD, EXETER, EX1 2LB Variation Accepted: Operating between Holsworthy and Bude given service number X9 effective from 27-Oct-2014. To amend Timetable.

Applications to Vary Existing Service: VOSA 01 Sep 2014

PH1020951/184 - STAGECOACH DEVON LTD T/A Stagecoach South West, BELGRAVE ROAD, EXETER, EX1 2LB Variation Accepted: Operating between Okehampton and Holsworthy given service number X9 effective from 27-Oct-2014. To amend Timetable.

Applications to Vary Existing Service: VOSA 01 Sep 2014

PH1020951/185 - STAGECOACH DEVON LTD T/A Stagecoach South West, BELGRAVE ROAD, EXETER, EX1 2LB Variation Accepted: Operating between Exeter and Okehampton given service number X9 effective from 27-Oct-2014. To amend Timetable

The X9

X9 by Nick Rice (cc) January 2013

We then get a new school service: CountryBus 913

Registration of New Services VOSA: 02 SEP 2014


Starting Point: Totnes Finish Point: South Dartmoor Academy Via: South Brent
Service Number: 913 Service Type: Normal Stopping Effective Date: 02-SEP-2014
Other Details: Monday to Friday schooldays only.

And then on the same day we get a less than helpful notice for First Devon PR1: PH0004983/278 - FIRST DEVON & CORNWALL LTD, THE RIDE, CHELSON MEADOW, PLYMOUTH, PL9 7JT Variation Accepted:

err, that's it!

The first week of September (31st August - 6th September) also saw quite a few timetable changes with Plymouth Citybus Blue Flash 42 among the mix from the 31st August. Monday 1st September saw major changes across the First Kernow network and also Stagecoach Devon had a few changes from this date too. Coming up shortly we will have a look at the second week of September on VOSA

Over the last couple of weeks I have been working on the sister Plymothian Bus Services site where I try to keep tabs on all the routes in the area. Part of this project has been to define what the Plymothian Transit 'area' actually is. Its not an exact definition by any means, but I tend to draw a circle around Plymouth roughly linking Liskeard, Launceston, Okehampton, Newton Abbot, Totnes, and Dartmouth. Any bus services within this circle, or extending outwards from these points is included. This is the area I now cover on Plymothian Transit and on the PT Bus Services web site. I am currently looking back at the first half of 2003 and adding all the VOSA notices to the site which should build up into a full detailed history of all our bus services. Clearly this is a major project which will take a long time to finish!

Recommended Reading

  • DEVON HISTORY SOCIETY: History events: Plymouth International Book Festival The forthcoming Plymouth International Book Festival (17-25 October) has a number of events of historical interest: Fighting on the Home Front: The Legacy of Women in World War One (Kate Adie); British Nurses on the Russian Front 1914-1917 (Angela K Smith), and The Customs House (Sir Andrew Motion).
  • BUS AND COACH.COM: Front-mounted cycle rack trial planned A Bath-based cycle campaign group is planning a trial of front-mounted cycle racks and claims to have had DfT approval for the process. The group Cycle Bath says it is in discussions with First, Wessex Bus and Bath and North East Somerset council for a pilot for free racks on buses in the city.
  • IPSWICH BUS BLOG: 32486 ENTERS SERVICE AND FURTHER UPDATES It is also worth noting thanks to last nights Ipswich Star that travel on buses in Suffolk has increased by 3% in the last year however as many have said, there are still cutbacks to rural services happening across the county which isn't good news.
  • RICHARDS TRAM BLOG: MANCHESTER TEST RUNNING ON WYTHENSHAWE EXTENSION They were out again today with at least three trams on Driver Training on the line to Wythenshawe.
  • PUBLIC TRANSPORT EXPERIENCE: GCSE 5 What a Super Mess in Weston Super Mare North Somerset is much more bus-friendly than its ancient master. BUT, please, please, can we have a stops map posted in all the frames round the central area? If they had been there, (and if he had used a bit more of his brain?) fbb might have found his 21. The Adventures of Rupert Bear [1] Wrong. Not Bear but Street In the 1960s and 1970s there were grandiose plans to separate pedestrians from traffic using high-level concrete walkways or decks. The vehicles would have the ground level, while pedestrians would move around central Bristol on ‘walkways in the skies’ The Adventures of Rupert Street [2] One of Bristol’s biggest eyesores could be in line for a facelift if a planning application is given the go-ahead by the city council. The scheme which would see a revamp of the Nelson Street area of the city centre would also see several unsightly concrete bridges demolished
  • FOCUS TRANSPORT: HYBRIDS IN YORK The City of York's transport has taken a leap forward this year with the introduction of new and part used hybrid buses. Furthermore a re-located Park-&-Ride facility is now open at Askham Bar and work continues in the city centre to provide a new bus interchange at Exhibition Square. Free Bus Service to Kendal 29th September 2014 Cumbria Classic Coaches are looking at the viability of running a weekly bus service to Kendal. It is to replace the current bus service that is being withdrawn by Cumbria County Council on the 1st November. A test run is being carried out on Monday 29th September by operating a free service to check timings. Luton and Dunstable busway predictions 'embellished' Luton Borough Council's portfolio holder for environment, said passenger numbers were "pumped up" when trying to justify demand for the Luton and Dunstable busway. It was claimed that 3.4m passengers would use the busway annually, but only 1.3m used it in its first year.
  • NORWICH BUSES: First Norfolk & First Updates and New Norwich Network Yesterday was the first full day of First's newly revised Norwich Network. I headed out between my free periods at Sixth Form to get some pictures. First Norfolk & Showbus Special One of a total of, correct me if I'm wrong, seven heritage liveried buses from the big operators included First Hadleigh Plaxton President bodied Dennis Trident 33191 LT52XAB. Ipswich Update - Ins and Outs Since our previous Ipswich Update, a large number of First Ipswich vehicles have been sent away and returned, so many that I've almost lost track; I'll give it a shot anyway!
  • SOUTHAMPTON UPDATE: Wheelers W2 is no more The most direct route between the city centre and the General Hospital is now once again First three.
  • EAST NORFOLK: Better Late Than Never! The annual Showbus event at Duxford took place last Sunday and unlike most blogs we are a bit late in posting a review due to work and other duties along the way! Darting Back in Time The Dennis Dart is slowly becoming a vehicle of the past, so in its honour we go back to 2005 and a trip to a damp wintery February in Norwich. Our Photo special looks at the Pointer versions that ran in the city that year.
  • BRITISH BUS BUGLE: Council check: North Yorkshire County Council There are no maps of any description, but this page lets you search by location for a list of all routes serving it. The results are rather cumbersome however, as only 5 results are shown per page
  • DENNIS BASFORD: Another 'Scene' in Eccles 84 units have been delivered and another 32 have been authorised to be delivered up to 2016. Costing £2,000,000 each they are fast, powerful and comfortable. The trams alone are worth the cost of the ‘Wayfarer’ ticket
  • STEVES BUS AND TRAIN PAGE: Weekly News Round Up. There has been much talk about the new livery for the Norwich Network, where buses will have their fronts painted according to the routes they work. Except that's not quite it. It has transpired that the new Streetlites will be devoid of any branding whatsoever

26 September 2014

Kingsbridge Album: Double Deckers

The second set of photos from Saturday with a selection of double deckers taken by Richard Smith:
Kingsbridge 2014 Kingsbridge 2014 Kingsbridge 2014 Kingsbridge 2014 Kingsbridge 2014 Kingsbridge 2014 Kingsbridge 2014

Recommended Reading

  • HUMBER TRANSPORT: Kirton Kipper to Hibaldstow North Lincolnshire Council have announced their directly operated 'Kirton Klipper' service will be extended to the nearby villages off Redbourne and Hibaldstow from 24th November
  • DENNIS BASFORD: Another Day out with Dennis to Uttoxeter This set of images is to illustrate an article written for a magazine called ‘All Things Local’. This community magazine is produced and distributed from a base in Kilburn, Derbyshire and covers large areas of the towns of Ripley and Belpe
  • PUBLIC TRANSPORT EXPERIENCE: GCSE 4 Light Railway : Light Houses : Life Boats The highest difference between low and high tide recorded at Burnham is 46½ feet. Wow! That's higher than 3 double deck buses parked** on top of one another.
  • FOCUS TRANSPORT: Google Celebrates 60 years of the Routemaster The iconic Routemaster bus is being celebrated by Google with a special doodle to mark sixty years since it was first unveiled in London.
  • ANDYS BUS BLOG: Stagecoach announces new vehicle order for the X5 between Cambridge and Oxford A total of 18 new Plaxton Elite coaches will go into service on the popular X5 service which operates between Cambridge and Oxford. The vehicles are expected to go into service by the end of this year, delivering even greater comfort, along with free Wi-Fi and toilets, for the hundreds of customers who rely on the service every day.
  • LANCASTER OMNIBUS: Buses Coping Well with City Centre Closures The paper described car drivers as "confused" - which doesn't surprise The Man on the Lancaster Omnibus" as he often finds such people are "confused" - usually by things like red lights, speed limits and parking restrictions, let alone major roadworks.
  • IAN VISITS: New tunnel opens at King’s Cross station The complex of tunnels and entrances at King’s Cross tube station gained another addition recently, a stunning tunnel with a permanently changing lighting effect Brunels’s original rail infrastructure excavated near Paddington Remains of structures built by Isambard Kingdom Brunel for his Great Western Railway have been unearthed near Paddington in west London. Brixton’s Electric Avenue to glow again The first shopping street in the UK to be lit by electricity is to get a makeover after the Heritage Lottery Fund allocated a £2.6 million grant to refurbish buildings along the street. The new money will be spent on restoring buildings in the street to their former glory, and on a series of community projects, including a proposal for solar powered electricity

25 September 2014

Kingsbridge Album Part 1

As promised we have the first set of photos taken by Richard Smith at Kingsbridge on Saturday starting with a selection of single deckers...
Kingsbridge 2014 Kingsbridge 2014 Kingsbridge 2014 Kingsbridge 2014 Kingsbridge 2014 Kingsbridge 2014 Kingsbridge 2014 Kingsbridge 2014 Kingsbridge 2014 Kingsbridge 2014

Recommended Reading

  • FOCUS TRANSPORT: NOT ON THE YORKSHIRE BUSES A recent television series titled "On the Yorkshire Buses", featured management, staff and the buses of the East Yorkshire Motor Services bus company. The eight episodes concentrated on the depots at Hull and Scarborough. Included were frontline routes in both locations plus the seafront services at Scarborough. The series was aired during August and September. NEW EUROPEAN NETWORK FROM Significant growth in the popularity of low-cost inter-city coach travel in Europe is to see market-leading operator launch a new network of services in the Benelux region from next month and open a dedicated base in Belgium. THE GREENEST EUROPEAN BUS COMPANY GROWS BIGGER The Mayor and Transport for London (TfL) are to expand London's bus retrofit programme, already the largest in the world, with a further 400 vehicles, bringing the total number of buses fitted with this bespoke technology up to 1,800.
  • STEVES BUS AND TRAIN PAGE: GA Delays Round Up. It was all going so well last week, with no major delays apart from the odd safety inspection causing 10 min delays. A tweet from GA even went up proclaiming no short formed trains one evening. All was well with the world. Then on Friday Mother Nature said oh no you don't and stepped in with a vengence. News Round Up Extra. However, it has the biggest and most well laid out reference section to blogs around the country I have seen on any blog, and Graham is obviously a man of very good taste, as yesterday this blog was on top of the pile!
  • NORWICH BUSES: First Norfolk & Showbus Special - 2014 Part One Yesterday was most definitely the most exciting day of the enthusiast's calender: Showbus. Showbus is the world's largest bus and coach gathering, consisting this year of over 400 buses and coaches and visited by the masses.
  • GREAT YARMOUTH BUS PAGE: Fleet Update ~ First Plaxton Presidents 32201 LT52WTF and 32202 LT52WTG have now been transferred to FirstNorwich.
  • IPSWICH BUS BLOG: SHOWBUS SELECTION all of Ensign's recent projects wear parked outside the next hangar including the brilliant restoration of the Scania Metropolitian,
  • DENNIS BASFORD: ‘Scene’ at ‘Showbus 2014' The ‘Olympus’ body has had a checkered build background during its relatively short production life. Starting out as an ‘East Lancs Coachbuilders’ product. Then coming from ‘Darwen’ until finally finishing up in the ‘Optare’ stable.