The home of anything and everything to do with transport in and around Plymouth now starting its THIRTEENTH YEAR!
The new Spark fleet has hit the road and has made quite an impact. Once all are in service and all the planned fleet moves between the City and Cornwall fleets expect to see quite a purge of older buses from the fleet.
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25 September 2017

Swoops and swirls

Another quick update this weekend to the Plymouth Citybus Fleetlist 

Plymouth Citybus 078

78 is now in red base livery awaiting finishing off with lettering and swoops etc. 72 is next with 68 70 71 and 75 currently untouched and waiting their turn.

A few buses confirmed as sold:

Plymouth Citybus 021 R121OFJ

21 unknown buyer

Plymouth Citybus 202 X202CDV

202 to a PCTPG member for preservation. Great to see this one saved

Plymouth Citybus 204 X204CDV

204 to another member of the PCTPG

Plymouth Citybus 312 JSK 265

312 also sold to a member of the PCTPG. Yet another significant livery comes to an end in the fleet. I must admit I was always a fan of this livery which was very distinctive so its good to see this one save for preservation too.

22 September 2017

Stennings Last Stand

Thanks to several readers for pointing out that this livery isn't dead yet - with 67 still out and about

Thanks to Richard Smith for the photos of 67 on the 72 yesterday!

Plymouth Citybus 067 WA03BHW

The near demise of this short lived darker red front livery did get me thinking back to the last time Plymouth had a go at a darker livery with the depressing ‘Crimson Lake’ scheme in the late 1970s very early 1980s. (An excellent photo of MCO253H by Richard Godfray can be seen HERE)

I believe that the crimson lake livery appeared on more buses than the Stenning scheme and lasted longer in the fleet but can anyone confirm this? anyone know the numbers to receive each livery?

21 September 2017

More Flash Less Drab

Have been catching up on some changes to the Plymouth Citybus Fleetlist from the last few weeks:

109 is the latest Blue Flash


© Jason Beverley - with thanks.

Now looking a lot smarter than the previous livery:

Plymouth Citybus 109 WA12ADV

This livery is now eliminated from the fleet as the last Dart in the scheme is currently out of service awaiting repaint along with a few of the others: 68 70 71 72 75 78

This means the end of this livery: Plymouth Citybus 068 WA03BHX

In my opinion the best of the Dart liveries

And the other Dart livery which is no more Plymouth Citybus 072 WA54JVV

This livery may be dull ( yes it is!) but its not as bad as the scheme they carried when new… Plymouth Citybus 072 WA54JVV

so its goodbye to one of the most meaningless brands in Citybus history: SuperRider GOLD. I honestly cant think of anything that these buses had which set them up as Gold compared to the previous in-Gold buses.

I don't want to end a post on a low note so we have Citybus 108 stabled at Roselyns Parr base which Citybus now share.


© Derek Cuffe

20 September 2017

Wonderzoo Bus and more

Its always nice to find a new ticket which offers cheaper travel, even when as in this case its just for this weekend:

Plymouth Citybus Art Weekender Ticket

In partnership with Plymouth Art Weekender we are offering discounted tickets that cover your travel for the whole weekend.

Tickets are valid from 12 noon on Friday 22 September until midnight on Sunday 24 September, so you just need one ticket for bus travel covering the whole weekend.

Individual tickets are priced at £5, with a family ticket (up to two adults and three children) for just £10.

They will be available across the whole weekend to purchase from the bus driver. Just as for an art weekender ticket.


I must admit I had never heard of the Art Weekender so..

Plymouth Art Weekender is an ambitious three day event that takes place annually across the city. The third Weekender will be held on 22nd- 24th September 2017. The Weekender confidently celebrates Plymouth, its people and the visual arts, promoting the city as an exciting contemporary art destination. The Weekender showcases a wide and diverse range of activity for all ages including a large array of events and exhibitions throughout the city by local, national and international artists.

There are lots of different events over the weekend but this caught my eye and could be worth  ago if you want to combine a bus trip with art!

Saturday 23rd September

Kindly supported by Citybus and organised by Visual Arts Plymouth activators

No.21 Departing from Royal Parade, stop A1 at 10.05am.  Circular route- returns to Royal Parade.

The Badge Making Bus:

Join Erin on the number 21 between 10am and 12 noon, when she will be creating one off bespoke Art Weekender badges free of charge for passengers to take and share. Organising artist Erin Bailey

No.50 Departing from Royal Parade, Stop A4 12.25pm.  Circular route- returns to Royal Parade.

The WonderZoo bus tour of Plymouth

Take a trip in Creative Lunacy; just jump on the bus and join in the WonderZoo madness featuring Fantasy Orchestra Plymouth, Comedy Avengers with Richard James and crew, Nick Ingram MC and Peter Davey. Organising artist Peter Davey

No.34 Departing from Royal Parade, stop A2 10.10am and continuing all day.  Circular route- returns to Royal Parade.


A visually immersive spectacle orbiting the city, the top floor of the number 34 bus will gradually with large, pink orbs, to be experienced by travellers within and passers-by without. The orbs’ visibility and growing mass suggests the gradual permeation of art throughout the city during and beyond the Weekender.

Organising artist Laura HopesA

Full details