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An influx of mid-life ADL buses to start the year. The recently acquired dual door Enviros are now started to see service with Plymouth Citybus, while Stagecoach have brought in more Dennis Darts for their recent tender wins.
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21 February 2019

Stagecoach Life after Plymouth

A group of Tridents were dispatched up to Scotland…


Stagecoach 18061 WA04CPY
© didbygraham March 2016
Stagecoach 18061 OXI459 at Inverness bus station
©Jamie Martin March 2018 Stagecoach 18061 OXI459 at Inverness bus station


Stagecoach 18067 WA04CRV
©didbygraham January 2016
Stagecoach 18067 ESK985 at Union Street, Inverness
© Jamie Martin March 2018 Stagecoach 18067 ESK985 at Union Street, Inverness


PSVC Trip - Stagecoach Plymouth Depot (The Ride)
© didbygraham April 2017 The Ride
stagecoach 18068 540FFX
©Cameron Robertson May 2018

The buses themselves have not altered their appearance although they do all now carry dateless registrations. It does seem odd that they can go the the expense of changing the registration number to disguise the buses age - but not even remove the rear advert for new homes in Plymstock on the back of 18068!

Thanks to Cameron and Jamie for allowing me to use their photos. Click through the photos to explore their Flickr collections.

17 February 2019

Social - Media 9-15 FEB

The last week on social media and elsewhere from the local operators and others that you might have missed for the week just gone 26th January - 1st February

Plymouth Citybus

9 Feb

Service 43 at 18:30 from Royal Parade unfortunately will not be operating. The next scheduled Service 43 is due to depart at 19:00, please accept our apologies. the service 43 from Royal Parade will not be operated at 1930. the next Service 43 from Royal parade will be at 2000.

10 Feb

11 Feb

Unfortunately Service 5 at 0610 from Royal Parade is not operating this morning. the next service 5 is departing Royal Parade at 0645. Unfortunately the Service 61 departing The Cherry tree at 0619 is not operating this morning. the next Service 62 departs there at 0634 and the next Service 61 departs there at 0649. Unfortunately the Service 5A departing church road Saltash @ 06.48 next will be at 07.08. Unfortunately the Service 61 departing Royal Parade at 0835 will not be operated. The next Service 62 departs Royal Parade at 0850 and the next Service 61 departs Royal Parade at 0905.

12 Feb

Unfortunately the Service 9 departing royal parade at 0800 will not operating . The next service 9 departs royal parade at 0825. Unfortunately due to a tree strike the service 70 departing Cremyll will be running approximately 15 mins late sorry for any inconvenience

13 Feb

14 Feb

Unfortunately the Service 8 at 0715 from Royal Parade will not be operated. The next Service 9 will depart at 07:25 and the next Service 8 will depart at 07:35.

15 Feb

Unfortunately the 1758 service 12 from Callington to Royal Parade has broken down and will not run

First Kernow

11 Feb

The 09.10 service 91 from Truro to Newquay, is currently not running due to an issue with our vehicle, we will keep you informed about this service, when it gets running. The 08.10 service 91 is the vehicle with technical issues, this will not be running, the 09.10 will run as normal, sorry for any inconvenience with this matter. Due to technical problem 214A has broken down at Probus anyone wishing to board should get alternative college buses. T1/T2 cannot serve mount Ambrose at this time as accident road close. Bus services through Mount Ambrose are currently having to divert via the Cardrew Industrial Estate fro the 'Factory Shop' roundabout through to Drump Rd. We cannot serve Mount Ambrose due to an RTA blocking the road.

12 Feb

0817 47 running 15 mins late breakdown vehicle been replaced. Sorry to say but the 12.05 A5 service from Padstow to Newquay will be operating 45 minutes behind time, this is due to a technical issue. Due to the overrunning surfacing works and now the closure of our Gwithian Rd diversion route for the T2 service by contractors, the 15.22 T2 from Camborne will divert via A30 and then back into Connor Downs from Loggans Moor in order get school pupils home. We have been informed that the Connor Down Closure has been extended again and will be in place again tomorrow, but that we will be able to use the Gwithian Road diversion again for the T2 service. The T1 service will divert via the A30 between Loggans Moor & Camborne (PS)

14 Feb

Brighton Cross - Summercourt - We are getting reports of an Accident on the road between Brighton Cross and Summercourt. Our 25 service towards Newquay is stuck there and now attempting to turn around, our College buses from Summercourt to St.Austell are also having to turn around and head around the incident to their starting points. Please bear with us whilst we get the buses past the incident. This will affect services 25, 215,217,222. Due to an RTA near Brighton Cross the 215, the 217, the 217a and the 0648 25 service from Newquay to Fowey are all running approximately 45 minutes late. Service 58 - Apologies but the 0818 service has been cancelled due to the earlier accident on the 25 route at Summercourt, severely delaying the bus. Unfortunately due to driver illness the 0956 25 service from St Austell to Fowey will be running approximately 30 minutes late. The 1252 51 service from Veryan to Portloe has unfortunately broken down. A replacement bus has been sent out but there will inevitably be some delays to both this service and the 1415 22 service from Truro to St Austell.

15 Feb

St.Blazey Gate Roadworks - Good morning, the Gas main works are still going on at the top of St.Blazey Gate. At the minute there is very little congestion, but as the morning rush hour commences delays might occur to the 24, 25, 214 & R9 services. Due to an RTA involving 3rd party vehicles blocking the road the 0855 A5 service from Padstow to Newquay is currently unable to depart from Padstow. The 0855 A5 from Padstow to Newquay is back running after the RTA cleared but is around 30 minutes late. T1 Tinner service/A17 service are going to be liable to disruption over the coming week due to major roadworks taking place on the A30 at St Erth. Allow extra time for your journey, be aware that services may be suffering delays with a knock on effect on timings along the route. Sorry for the delay 15.20 T1 Penzance to Truro is not running due to breakdown with water leak due to this the 17.09 Truro to Threemilestone at 17.40 is also not running

First Kernow Behind the Scenes

Stagecoach South West

9 Feb

#Barnstaple Due to a breakdown the 0833 11a from Whiddon Valley and 11c 0855 back will not operate. Sorry for any inconvenience. #Barnstaple due to a breakdown the 1540 75a from Okehampton will be delayed. Sorry for any inconvenience. Torquay ser 88 Due to a technical issue the 15.45 to Totnes will be running 30 mins late. Apologies for any inconvenience. #Torbay ser 22 Sorry to advise the 17.05 from Dawlish Warren has broken down at the Warren. Help is on it's way

10 Feb
11 Feb

PLYMOUTH the 0605 52 service is running 10 minutes late due to technical difficulties, #PLYMOUTH the 52 service from Plympton is currently broken down due to a water leak, we have another bus on route now to change over with. The service will continue to run however he will be running late. #Exeter Due to a vehicle breakdown, the E services are unable to serve barley mount, The service will be diverting up redhills having to miss the barley mount loop.

12 Feb

Exeter - Delays to '1' Services due to an RTC in the Pinhoe area. #Exeter - 08:54 '1' Service from Broadclyst into Exeter will not be running due to a breakdown. #Exeter - 08:32 'J' Service High Street to Digby Tesco will not be running. #Exeter - 09:00 'J' Service Digby Tesco to Countess Wear will not be running. #Torbay Marldon Road Closure 13/02/2019 All day Fox will be using Maidenway Road both directions, The 13 service will be using Kings Ash Road / Colley End Road from Torquay to Paignton. Exeter - Due to a vehicle breakdown , the 2340 F2 from the High Street to Pinhoe is running approx. 20 minutes late.

13 Feb

Barnstaple Due to a breakdown the 0650 155 from Mill on the Mole will be delayed 15mins. Torbay Marldon Road Closure 13/02/2019 All day Fox will be using Maidenway Road both directions, The 13 service will be using Kings Ash Road / Colley End Road from Torquay to Paignton. Barnstaple Due to roadworks on Clovelly Rd in Bideford Service 75s will be unable to serve Waterloo Terrace or Pynes Lane until the roadworks are finished

14 Feb

#Plymouth the 14 service 1344 from St James street will be running about 25 minutes late due to parked cars blocking the road. We are working quick as possibly to sort this issue. Meaning the 1421 off Derriford will also be late. sorry for the inconvenience. Barnstaple 11A 1950 delayed because of Ambulance in Forces Avenue.

15 Feb

Barnstaple 07:40 21 to Bideford and return journey will not operate due to a breakdown, sorry for any inconvenience. Plymouth Due to a technical issue the 11:56 HMS Drake to Powisland Drive is currently not operating, We are sending a replacement vehicle and are trying to get this service back up and running as soon as possible

Stagecoach Falcon

9 Feb

PLYMOUTH The Falcon Service 10.00 from Plymouth is delayed by 45 min due to technical issue. The 11.00 Falcon service from Plymouth will be delayed by 45 min. the 1615 Falcon service from Plymouth will be running 25 minutes late due to technical issues. We are sorry for the delays

12 Feb

The Falcon due to depart Bristol at 23:30 will be delayed by 45 minutes and will leave Bristol at 00:15. Sorry for the inconvenience.


11 Feb

The 09:35 M36 service from Plymouth to Leeds has suffered a breakdown in Birmingham, a replacement coach is on route. There will be a delay of approximately 90 to 120 minutes.

12 Feb

#The 09:00 Plymouth to Bristol is running late by approx. 35min. Unfortunately the 12:00 Plymouth to Bristol Falcon service is currently not operating.

15 Feb

**Torquay, change of stop from 21st February 2019** From Friday 21st February 2019, journeys from Torquay will use the stop in front of Debenhams, Strand, Torquay TQ1 2AF. Departure and arrival times remain unchanged.

Transport News

Workers on South Western Railway (SWR) will hold another three one-day strikes in a long-running dispute over guards on trains. BBC News

The return of a beloved helicopter service between Penzance and the Isles of Scilly has come a step closer thanks to EU funding worth almost £2m. The Guardian 7 Feb

A bus driver had an energy drink thrown at him after being blocked in by a BMW in Plymouth city centre Plymouth Live

Transport Blogs

Exeter Leyland Panther MFJ 390G going to Cullompton Busworld Photography

Trathens Skyliner STT 602X Busworld Photography

16 February 2019

Devon & Cornwall Transit 142

The weekly look at service changes across Devon & Cornwall. The following service changes are planned for this coming week 18th - 24th February. Click through on the licence number for more details and the previous history of each route.

As with the last few weeks its fairly quiet at the moment with just the one change this week due to roadworks.

Plymouth Citybus Ltd • PH0000135

Licence Route Start Point End Point Effective Notes
PH0000135.189 172 TrerulefootLooe,
Polperro & Lostwithiel
Callywith College, Bodmin 16-Feb-2019 Revised route & timetable to accommodate road closure
In the morning a shuttle bus from Looe Barbican at 0733 will connect at Widegates with service 172 travelling to Callywith College. In the afternoon the bus will divert from Widegates to Looe Barbican before continuing to Hessenford, Seaton and Trerulefoot
Traveline Timetable Trerulefoot - Looe - Callywith College
Traveline Map Trerulefoot - Looe - Callywith College

And that's it for this week, however things are starting to get a bit busier as companies start to register their plans for summer services. The following notices have been published this week:

Plymouth Citybus Ltd • PH0000135

Note the cancellation of the school holiday services. It will be interesting to see if anything replaces these for the summer holidays. The most interesting though is the new open top route ‘OCS’.

Licence Route Start Point End Point Effective Notes
PH0000135.095  20 20A Royal Parade Plympton 07-Apr-2019 Revised times on Sundays & Bank Holidays
Monday to Saturday service 20 extended to Plympton (Cornwood Road). Sundays & Bank Holidays 20 terminates at Colebrook
PH0000135.198 900 Plymouth Newquay 06-Apr-2019 Cancelled
PH0000135.212 901 Plymouth St Austell 06-Apr-2019 Cancelled
PH0000135.213 902 Plymouth Boscastle 06-Apr-2019 Cancelled
PH0000135.214 903 Plymouth Camel Creek Adventure Park 06-Apr-2019 Cancelled
PH0000135.215 OCS City Centre City Centre 07-Apr-2019 New Service
PH0000135.211 PR3 George Park & Ride George Park & Ride 08-Apr-2019 Extend service to Seaton (Peninsular Radiology)
Increase Monday to Friday service to up to 15 minutes & introduce Saturday timetable


First South West • KERNOW • PH0004983

Licence Route Start Point End Point Effective Notes
PH0004983.500  21 Newquay Bus Station St. Austell Bus Station 25-Feb-2019 Revised timetable


Frances May Searle • Axe Valley • PH0004666

Licence Route Start Point End Point Effective Notes
PH0004666.001 885 Seaton Sea Front Millwey Rise 23-Apr-2019 Timetable amended.
PH0004666.002 899 Exmouth Tesco Seaton Sea Front 23-Apr-2019 Timetable and stopping arrangements amended


Carmel Coaches Ltd • PH1145790

Two routes are being taken over from CM Coaches Ltd. Traveline has Carmel as already running the services

Licence Route Start Point End Point Effective Notes
PH1145790.017 EX1 Okehampton, Fore Street Exeter, Victoria Park Road 28-Feb-2019 Monday to Friday School term only
PH1145790.016 Gram1 Exeter, Sidwell Street Torquay Grammar Schools 28-Feb-2019 Monday to Friday

School term only

One journey am/return pm

No service Bank Holiday
PH1145790.009  630 Northlew Square Okehampton, Market Street 21-Mar-2019 Revised route and timetable


CM Coaches Ltd • PH1132411

The two services are being transferred to Carmel Coaches (and may already have done so!)

Licence Route Start Point End Point Effective Notes
PH1132411.001 EX 1 Okehampton, Fore Street Exeter School, Magdalen Road 28-Feb-2019 cancelled
PH1132411.003 X46 Exeter Bus Station Torquay Strand 28-Feb-2019 cancelled



13 February 2019

Event: Long Rock Open Day

I know quite a few of you are interested in the railways so an event you may be interested in…

Penzance depot
© Jim Champion (creative commons)  July 2013

GWR Longrock TMD Open Day 13th April 2019.

Gates open at 10am and will close at 4pm.

Adult = £15

Accompanied Child (5-15 yrs) = £5

Group (2 Adults and up to 3 Children) = £37

Accompanied Children under 5 go free

All proceeds to the RNLI and Penlee Lifeboat station.

Tickets limited to 4,500. No Refunds are available. No tickets available to purchase on the day!
More details and official press release soon.

Tickets can be purchased HERE