09 September 2009

Green Army on the buses

"they have started to expand the coverage already”

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Barbican Steps


The recently introduced Football Specials to Plymouth Argyle Home games operated by Plymouth Citybus seem to have been a big success as they have started to expand the coverage already. New routes and timetables are introduced from this weekend as detailed on their timetable here (pdf). As last time I have attempted to map out the new routes although once again I have to stress these are unofficial and based on the route descriptions - which dont always match the maps! The big coverage gap now filled in is the Devonport end of the City. You can compare the coverage in this map with the old one posted recently here.
I am still not sure what buses they actually use on these services although I do hope to catch sight of one this coming weekend as it passed through Asda! (assuming Argyle are at home - I cant say I really follow them at all!)

View Citybus Football Specials 2 in a larger map

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  1. They're currently using the old Volvo double-deckers, though that could soon change if they're being retired. Also interesting to see they've got rid of the City Centre shuttle, only 1 journey now as opposed to every 20 mins.

  2. It's a shame driver's don't know the routes. Nobody came into the George Junction Park & Ride at the last match. So we had to pay for our journey.


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