25 October 2009

Pay Point

"Looks like another good idea”

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This post was meant to go live on Saturday but for some reason it didn't make it!
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Tomorrow sees the start of Plymouth Citybus 5 and 5A service which is their retaliation to First's new Ugobus services started two weeks ago. I must admit I am surprised not to see any special fares being promoted to get them started, although I guess with First putting their general fares up from tomorrow they might not feel the need to. Having aid that First have reduced fares on their Plymstock services to try and head off the new Citybus routes.
Meanwhile the new Ugobus routes carry on and certainly the 15 seems to be picking up more passengers now, although the £1 flat fare ends tomorrow so may see a decline. I took Zak to McDonalds Crownhill this afternoon on the 15 (nice not having to change buses at Derriford) and both drivers were pointing out £5 week ticket to all passengers that boarded. We did have a long wait for a bus on the way back, but the driver promptly apologised and explained that traffic at Manadon was 'horrendous' which is why he was running so late. We didn't see a single 7 service either in this time. Not sure how Citybus were doing as there was no Citybus timetable at the bus stop.
Doing my regular run of the local bus company web sites I have noticed this advert on the Citybus site: Looks like another good idea which I am sure passengers will find useful. The website does not give anymore details just yet but I am sure it will soon. Looks like Christmas is coming!


  1. Any idea if this applies to the Oyster-style Top Up and Go system? If it does then I'll probably be using my Freedom Card a lot more often.

    Also, as mentioned by one or two others in previous comments, it could be a good idea if Citybus offered a discount to pre-pay topup users, similar to what happens with the Oyster card. It could encourage further Freedom Card adoption for those who don't use season passes, and for those like myself who make the occasional journey from their own pocket.

    Whether this is financially viable is another thing, but if pushed then this could give Citybus an edge over First.

  2. It would be good to see more incentives for passengers using this system. Citybus have yet to fully detail the new service so I guess we need to wait and see for now. Christmas is coming though... (You never know!)


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