27 October 2009

Fare enough

"We know that nobody likes it when prices go ”

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Upon hearing the latest from the Competition Commission, I wonder whether First is kicking itself. Withdrawing from Plymouth Citybus sales contest, First has instead ratcheted up its competition against Citybus, to protect First’s market position or to warn off potential competitors. More…
First have provided some more information on the fare rises that have occurred this past weekend.

Single and return bus fares on the Plymouth UGOBUS routes, and all season ticket products in the city are unaffected by the changes (with the exception of the FirstDay Plymouth Child ticket which will increase by 20 pence to £2.40). Similarly, FirstDay and FirstWeek tickets in North Devon are unchanged.

The decision to review fares was not taken lightly. Marc Reddy, Managing Director of First Devon and Cornwall, says: "We know that nobody likes it when prices go up and we offer our sympathy to those customers who are struggling in the face of the recession, but unfortunately we have no option but to review our fares at this time. Like other businesses in the UK, the tightening economy has forced us to look closely at our operating costs. We have made a number of efficiency savings across our operations, but in order to ensure the long term sustainability of our services we must increase fares on our commercial routes. We have kept increases as small as possible.

"In the past year we have invested £4.3 million in new vehicles for Devon and Cornwall, including £2.2 million in Plymouth alone, and in the coming years we need to replace a further 68 vehicles at a cost of more than £7 million to ensure that we are compliant with the Disability Discrimination Act (which demands all buses must be low floor, easily accessible by 2015)*.'
It is clear that Plymouth and North Devon are spared most of the fare increase. In North Devon the company continue to face competition from Stagecoach whilst in Plymouth... well I am sure I don't really need to explain that one! Setright Registers, Hackney Wick. Brochure 1950s? (by sludgegulper) From Sludgegulpers Flickr stream.



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  1. Gr8, no increases in Plymouth!! I wonder why ????


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