09 January 2009

First Fares and Feet

Taking into account the rise in its operating costs, First Devon and Cornwall is revising some bus fares across the network effective as of 25 January 2009. [FDC Own web site]
"In the past year we have invested £2 million in new vehicles for Devon and Cornwall, and in the coming years need to replace a further 152 vehicles at a cost of more than £20 million to ensure that we are compliant with the Disability Discrimination Act (which demands all buses must be low floor, easily accessible by 2015)”

Also another story that appeared on This is plymouth this week:

A BUS company operating in Plymouth has taken a step towards a greener future - by transforming parts of its vehicles into trendy trainers.

Fabric from the seats of First's vehicles has been used to manufacture basketball-style sneakers, which got their first road test during a symbolic bus ride through the city.
These do look good - and are a great idea but at £70 are a bit out of reach for me at least!

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