28 October 2009

Seeing Doubles

"They are certainly going for high visibility in Saltash ”

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The three-axle MCW Metroliner was impressive without being too flashy

So, what is a reasonable bus fare?

A lot of the focus this week has been on the new 5 and 5A route, but it isn't the only line of attack from Plymouth Citybus. The 26 service is one which sees big changes:

This service is going from strength to strength and as a result will be increased from 4 to 6 buses per hour operating every 10 minutes between Pemros Road, St Budeaux, Devonport and the City Centre. Services to Saltash will also be increased to operate every 20 minutes Monday to Saturday. In addition evening services will be introduced operating every 30 minutes Monday to Saturday along with a new Sunday daytime service also operating every 30 minutes.
The result of this is that Plymouth Citybus will be operating in excess of every 10 minutes Monday to Saturday with 8 buses per hour and every 15 minutes during the day on Sundays and Bank Holidays with 4 buses per hour between St Budeaux Square, Devonport and the City Centre.

They are certainly going for high visibility in Saltash with this service as it gains the new Volvo double deckers. They really do stand out! Plymouth Citybus 413 (by didbygraham) ©Brian George

The Tamar Bridge sees more double deck action these days on Sundays at least as due to heavy loadings, new Western Greyhound 576 Launceston - Plymouth service is now booked Enviro 400 double decker on Sundays, worked from Launceston outstation using d/d spare off 510. 576 remains Solos on Mon-Sat. At the moment the full service into Plymouth only runs on Sundays but from the 8th November the full timetable will start. It will be interesting to see if Solos will cope or if something a little bigger is planned. Western Greyhound 402 (WK 58 EAC) (by Iantherev) ©Ian Kirby


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  1. Have you seen today's Herald? A two page centre spread detailing Citybus routes and services. Well laid out route map in the style of london Underground. I would imagine there will also be some kind of publicity push when PayPoint goes live. PCB are certainly not rolling over and playing dead. Good for them.

  2. yes the deckers are very nice but they would be better used on busy routes such as 43?? running a decker from the top of pilmere to saltash with 4 people sat on is not making money!!
    citybus driver

  3. That is Citybus through and through. Running services at 6.00am from City to Plymstock doesn't make sense either. They are playing straight into First hands, I ask you, which company can substain running at a loss the longest, First I reckon!!
    Does anyone know what the planned changes in timetable On First 15 and 17 entails from 12 Nov ???

  4. bet they are planning to reduce frequencies!

  5. Anon @15:49 - If you're talking about whether the entirety of FirstGroup plc can run at a loss longer, obviously it's them. Turn this into FDC versus Citybus and it might not be as obvious. I was always under the impression that Citybus as part of the "service" part of the company, ran routes at a lower profit margin than the national groups (probably read that here at some point!); hence at some point FDC may look at how it's affecting their results as a whole and cut their losses, especially if they're in trouble elsewhere in the region. Unlikely I admit, but possible...

  6. Somehow I think FDC are the only winner, respources alone will win it for them!!

    FDC will be running evening services on thu for late night shopping on all their new UGO bus services, 12,13,15,17 For 6 weeks from 12 Nov.


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