25 October 2008


The shortlist for the UK Bus Awards 2008 have been announced (CLICK HERE). The operator awards lists contain most of the regular contenders including one from our neck of the woods which wont be a surprise to many people:
Western Greyhound 205 WK08ETA
Not actually typical of their fleet, but its Western Greyhound once again.
You have to work your way down the Technical awards section of the page before you get anything else remotely local:

The Bus in the Countryside
  • City & County of Swansea Gower Explorer

  • First Devon & Cornwall Service 41 - Wheal to Coast

  • New Forest Tour Partnership New Forest Tour

  • Stagecoach in Oxfordshire Route 20

  • Telford & Wrekin Council The Gorge Connect

Then we have

The Centrebus Young Manager of the year contenders including:
Tony Simmons  Stagecoach Devon

Shame there is not so much local interest this year as there has been in the past. There is plenty of good work going on with local operators and the local authorities.

ps: Woops - this post was due last night - but it seems I only pressed 'save draft' rather than 'Publish!'

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