10 December 2009

Plymouth Buses all a Twitter

 You wait for one Twitter account and two come along at once

Go-Ahead have only owned Plymouth Citybus for a week so its very early days for them to start making a difference to how things are done. Up until now the only sign has been a small logo on the web site and its on the internet that we see the first proper signs of Go-Aheadism in action.
Plymouth Citybus is making its first tentative steps into the world of the social web. You can now follow Citybus on Twitter:
Plymouth Citybus on Twitter You can follow Citybus on Twitter HERE
You can see how they are already using it to advise on traffic problems. Having waited on Royal Parade for 35 minutes with no sign of either a Citybus 50 or a First 15 I now know why!
It does not stop there - you can also become a Fan of Citybus on Facebook HERE
Plymouth Citybus on Facebook
As can be expected there is not much there yet, but I am sure it will grow. I know that Brian George will be putting more photos there as time goes on. Go-Ahead clearly see the internet as a very important tool that they can exploit so have developed some excellent local web sites for their operations across the country. I am sure it wont be too long before we see a new Citybus web site. I am sure it will be worth waiting for.
Of course you can also follow Plymothian Transit on Facebook too although I must admit I have not really focussed that much attention there!

I had actually planned this article a couple of evenings ago when Brian George informed me of the new Twitter account. Well just like the buses themselves, you wait for ages for a Twitter account and then two come along at once...
First Devon and Cornwall on Twitter Yep, First Devon and Cornwall have started their Twitter account on the same day as Citybus! You can follow First D&C Twitter HERE
As a social internet addict I am looking forward to seeing how all of these services develop over the coming months. Like anything on the net, the more you put in, the more you get out. Both First and Citybus have proved themselves excellent at getting up to date information out on their web sites so the omens are good.
Now, what did David Cameron say about too many Tweets...
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  1. First launched their Twitter site the day before Citybus actually!!!

  2. Go-Ahead sister Metrobus' facebook site now has 2500 fans!


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