09 December 2009

A medical episode

Citybus Citaro Drama

Police and paramedics were called after a Citybus came off the road by the Texaco garage in Plympton Road at around 12.10pm Monday. The bus mounted the kerb and came to a stop with its right front wheel over a gully which contains Tory Brook, which runs into the nearby River Plym. Police said the driver of the number 21 bus which runs to Chaddlewood via Plympton, suffered "a medical episode" shortly before the bus came to its precarious position. A spokesman for the road policing team said the bus was unlikely to have continued down into the gully as it was travelling at a reasonable speed and trees would have prevented it's decline. A spokesman for Citybus confirmed a driver was taken to Derriford Hospital where his condition was said to be "fine". The spokesman said: "Fortunately no-one was injured during the incident. We would like to thank the emergency services for their help and the passengers for their patience and calm response."
This is Plymouth
A footnote to the story comes from 'Kim':
I am the pregnant lady that was on the bus, I would like to say thank you to all those that helped yesterday would like to also say a big thank you to the lady that stood with me and helped me off the bus and to the man that took the keys out of the ignition.It was a very scary experience.I am glad the driver is ok.

As soon as you hear of an accident involving a bus you do tend to fear the worst. I am just glad that this one seems to have been a fairly minor one, albeit quite frightening to those involved.
Derriford News
PLYMOUTH motorists are facing possible delays tomorrow when building work starts on a new bus lane for Derriford Hospital. The £300,000 scheme, which follows a trial of traffic management, involves road widening to create a new, 200-metre section of bus lane connecting one of the hospital site entrances with the existing bus lane on Derriford Road. The work, which is expected to take around 14 weeks, was due to start in November but was delayed at the request of Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust to allow a three-day trial of plan. This is Plymouth

Plymouth Transport and Highways and Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust have assessed the impact of the measures on emergency vehicle access and traffic flow to and from the site and agreed a slightly revised traffic management plan that will include:
• a one-way system in front of the hospital
• temporary traffic lights on Morlaix Drive
• stop/go boards at the western exit onto Derriford Road to manage traffic during the Monday to Friday evening rush hour and maintain emergency vehicle access

I am glad that the work is finally going ahead, but have to ask the question - does it really take 14 weeks to build 200M of bus lane?
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