08 December 2009

Mince Pie Specials on the Plym Valley Railway

Mince Pie Specials are back

The Plym Valley Railway are running their Mince Pie Specials again this Christmas with a shuttle service from the City Centre provided by the Plymouth City Transport Preservation Group. They actually started this Sunday just gone (sorry didn't get the planned notice up in time due to the computer issues). There are still two remaining dates - the next two Sundays 13th and 20th December.
The price seems to be either £4 adult £2 child or possibly £4.50 and £2.50 as their we site contradicts itself - either way its worth it and does help support the operations in the valley.

Buses will operate between:

Plymouth Railway Station Bus Stop,Drakes Circus and Marsh Mills Station

PVR Depart Drakes Circus Plymouth Railway Station (Arr) Plymouth Railway Station (Depart) Drake Circus (Police Station) PVR Arrive
12:45 12:57 13:00 13:05 13:07 13:20
13:30 13:42 13:45 13:50 13:52 14:04
14:15 14:27 14:30 14:35 14;37 14:49
15:00 15:12 15:15 15:20 15:22 15:34
16:30 16:42 16:45      

Plym Valley Railway and Plymouth City Transport Preservation Group reserve  the right to refuse travel and cannot accept responsibility for variations in the timetable owing to circumstances beyond their control.

It is planned to operate the shuttles with 201 and 131 on alternate Sundays - not sure which one will be used this coming weekend.
Plymouth Citybus 131 STK131T 201 DDR201C and Zak! (by didbygraham)

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