14 April 2009

Plym Valley Atlanteans

"I did see 201 out on the road and it looks fantastic”

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Numberzz 1282

Tom catches up with Tally Ho

”Show me a loss-making bus service and I’ll show you a bulging petition. These are inevitably signed by those who require their bus for no other reason than an insurance policy should their lift fail when they need to collect their 4x4 from its annual service”

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Plymouth City Transport 201 DDR201C
© Brian George
Plymouth City Transport 137© Brian George
I didn't get the chance to visit the Plym Valley Railway over the weekend as I had hoped, although I did see 201 out on the road and it looks fantastic. Seemed to be carrying a good load too, in what was excellent weather for the day. A couple of photos from Brian George showing 201 and 137 down at Coypool.

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