22 September 2009

Topless homecoming

"what promises to be a spectacular family day out”

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Plym Valley Railway

Malta 2009

Cremyll accident

Tom Pearce
WJY758 collection
Sunday saw the return of another Plymouth Atlantean to Milehouse. Former 458 WJY758 is now part of the growing Plymouth City Transport Preservation Group collection. Thanks to Ralph Delbridge and Tom Pearce for the photos...
ex Plymouth Citybus 458 WJY758 (by didbygraham)©Tom Pearce
ex Plymouth Citybus 458 WJY758 (by didbygraham)©Tom Pearce
Finally safely back at Milehouse...
ex Plymouth Citybus 458 WJY758 (by didbygraham) ©Ralph Delbridge

To keep up to date with the PCTPG please visit their web site and consider joining the group to help support their work. Only £1 a month!
You can of course see and ride some of their small fleet this weekend. See this post...

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