11 December 2009

Its a bad choice of wrap for Citybus

 Citybus suggest you get a taxi instead

Plymouth Citybus 126 L126YOD
Citybus 126 seen last April urging everyone to catch a taxi instead. I have no idea if this bus is still in this livery, although I have not seen it for a while now. I never did understand why Citybus were happy to accept the advert contract either. I can see that its very handy income but it does seem odd to the telling potential passengers that a taxi is a good idea!
Well, last week I saw a new advert bus at a distance so I didnt know who or what it was advertising. I have now seen it in its full glory, and yes, you have guessed it, Dial a Cab! this time in a very bright all over yellow livery - you cant miss it.
(I would like to be able to say I have not posted a photo of the bus as some sort of high principle against this sort of thing - but the reality is I have not seen any photos of it yet - and am still sans-camera)  The bus is number 39 which is no stranger to advert liveries seen here in its previous guise:
Plymouth Citybus 039 T139EFJ So the message is clear - if you want to go somewhere, its late, its dark, its cold, Go Ahead - book a taxi...
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  1. Wait till you see the new version of this wrap which has just left the paint shop! I'm amazed PCB took this contract. I suspect it will only last for the specified period. I can't see Go Ahead allowing it beyond that.


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