12 December 2009

They are not giving up the fight just yet!

Will the sale of Plymouth Citybus come back to haunt Vivien Pengelly?

cef034b945aa45d47f180c1fd134f3ea The battle to keep Citybus in council hands may have been well and truly lost but that does not mean the local activists are letting it go. In an interesting piece on  the excellent Peoples Republic of South Devon Luke Pollard argues that Vivien Pengelly may well live to regret her victory come the next election. I must say that I myself doubt that the Citybus sale will have any effect on the next election, as unless Go-Ahead make any major and unpopular changes to routes then most passengers will be seeing business as usual and wonder what all the fuss was about. Still have a read of Lukes posting and see what you think.

Until a few months ago being re-elected on Thursday, May 6 2010 must have been a near certainty. Plymstock is a pretty safe Tory ward untroubled by many of the woes affecting her more urban colleagues. However, is it still now? In selling CityBus she managed to unite core Conservative and core Labour voters against her plans and annoyed a few swing voters in the process too. Few except the numerically challenged and Conservative true believers would regard selling CityBus at a knock down price at the bottom of the market as a good deal for council tax payers – and that’s the feeling in her ward too.

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