18 December 2009

Every Little Helps

Citybus get Tesco Free Bus contract for 2010

If you follow Citybus on Twitter you will have seen this message yesterday:
We are delighted to announce a partnership with Tesco Lee Mill & Roborough to deliver free shopper buses from Jan 18. Details early New Year.
It was back on the 25th July 2008 that Citybus gave up operating the Tesco and Asda free buses. I must admit I thought it was more recent than that!
Anyway all of this gves a really good excuse to post another of AECRegents excellent photos:
129, Milehouse, July 1993 (by aecregent) ©AECRegent. 129, Milehouse, July 1993
Click the photo to go to AECRegents Flickr account to explore more great photos.
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