11 November 2009

Progress stalled

Derriford Bus Lane works halted - congestion continues

Word has reached me that the planned works at Derriford Hospital to create a new bus lane which were due to start next week have been postponed. I am not sure exactly why this is the case but it may explain why Derriford Hospital staff have not been informed of the planned works yet. This does seem to be a very last minute change of plan as it is clear that the contractors have already been on site marking out the boundaries and even putting up warning signs of roadworks due to start. Clearly a fair amount of money must have already been spent on this project.
It has been incredibly busy at Derriford during the evening peak this week, and we all know that the works were going to be a big inconvenience while they are ongoing, but the extra bus lane is desperately needed so any delay is regrettable. enough roadworks (by og2t // ou gee tew tee)
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