11 November 2009

First Fares Cut - well some of them

First Devon and Cornwall announce new fares offer on the 76 between Callington and Plymouth

First are delighted to announce that from Tuesday 10th November fares between Plymouth City Centre and Callington on Service 76 will be reduced as follows:
Adult return Was £5.80 Now £5.50
Child return Was £3.85 Now £3.65
Adult Weekly ticket Was £27.85 Now £26.40
Child Weekly ticket Was £18.50 Now £17.50

Service 76 timetables: FDC Web Site or call Traveline on 0871 200 22 33 or visit the First Travel Shop in Bretonside Bus Station, Plymouth.
Of course this week saw Western Greyhound introduce its full service on their 576 Bude to Plymouth service Western National LFJ847W (by didbygraham) From Jeff Lloyds Collection
It all seems so long ago…

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