12 November 2009

Industrial Relations at First

UNION leaders have held talks with First D&C after drivers threatened to strike over an apparent dispute with bosses
It seems all is not well at First Devon and Cornwall at the moment. This is Plymouth 10th November:
A ROW has erupted at a city bus operator after an insulting email written by a manager was leaked to drivers. The manager, who works for First Devon and Cornwall, has been forced to apologise after voicing frustrations over problems in the Goosewell area of Plymstock in a 'disrespectful' manner.
A private email about the problem, in which it is understood one of the firm's managers questioned some drivers' intelligence, was then leaked to dozens of members of staff. The manager's comments prompted outrage when the email reached the team and the member of staff responsible has since issued a written apology.
Disgruntled Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers' Union members were last night due to hold an emergency meeting to discuss the fall-out, with one driver telling The Herald he was "infuriated" and even willing to strike. However, Phil Bialyk, regional organiser for the RMT, said industrial action was highly unlikely, adding that he would be meeting First bosses later this month to discuss the issue.

Careless emails have been the downfall of many people across all walks of life. We have seen similar emails hastily recalled at Derriford in the past (no I wont go into details for obvious reasons!) and many a politician has fallen foul of emails falling into the wrong hands.
The next report on This is Plymouth suggests industrial relations have got worse:

UNION leaders have held talks with a Plymouth bus operator after drivers threatened to strike over an apparent dispute with bosses. Sources close to the dispute have claimed more than 100 drivers discussed their levels of confidence in First Devon and Cornwall's management team at a meeting held earlier this week. They are angry about a number of internal issues, including what they claim is 'unfair' treatment of drivers who have been investigated or suspended.

A joint statement from Marc Reddy, Managing Director of First Devon and Cornwall, and Phil Bialyk, Regional Organiser, RMT Union, said: "As part of the usual schedule of Company/RMT meetings, First Devon and Cornwall and the RMT met today. The meeting was productive with a number of issued discussed and aired. Further meetings will be held in due course, as is the normal state of play.

It does seem that industrial action is unlikely which is a good thing as the Union and the company do seem to have a good relationship with both sides expecting these issues to be sorted out.

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