11 July 2009

Incoming: Plymouth Citybus get low floor deckers

"I am sure the extra capacity will be very welcome by passengers”

PlymTransit on Twitter
Plymouth Citybus are due to receive 19 low floor double decker buses. The buses in question are Volvo B7L with East Lancs Vyking bodywork which were new to London General as its EVL class.  They will all be retrimmed before entering service, and be fitted with digital destination displays, with some at least being converted to single door. They will all be in a version of the current Plymouth Citybus livery (final design yet to be confirmed - but watch this space!) Being low floor they will be able to be used on normal services as required as well as school services so will be a lot more useful. I am sure the extra capacity will be very welcome by passengers! The buses will start arriving from Monday. Thanks to Brian George for supplying these photos of the buses whilst at Ensign (Dealers). Plymouth Citybus 401 PN02XBY (by didbygraham) PN02XBY Plymouth Citybus 402 PN02XCH (by didbygraham) PN02XCH Plymouth Citybus 403 PN02XCG (by didbygraham) PN02XCG Plymouth Citybus 404 PN02XCR (by didbygraham) PN02XCR
All above photos ©Brian George with thanks.
As these enter service it will be goodbye to the Volvo Citybus fleet and with it the bright yellow Student Link livery. Plymouth Citybus 187 F604GVO (by didbygraham)

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  1. Very nice, I think Citybus have been long overdue for some low-floor doubles. Not sure if they'll be used much during the day, but in peak time they'll come in a lot of handy on duplicate services. I remember many mornings when I missed some of my morning classes back at College - the 36 services in the morning were often full and left many students stranded at Royal Parade!

    Citybus later fixed this by allowing all college students to use all Devonport-bound services for free, but it was a situation where low-floor doubles would have made things a lot better.

  2. Problem being that at around peak is when they'll be out of position having just completed school runs - still, 19 of them could prove me wrong here! Always nice to hear about Citybus investing, even if it is second-hand!

  3. Carousel of High Wycombe have taken five from the same batch. All are in superb condition inside and out, for seven year old London buses. They had been based at Sutton garage, which has high standards for a TFL garage.

    Did pass one spilling it's vital fluids onto the road just after they had entered service with Carousel though!


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