12 July 2009

Sunday Best: Western National

"this has to be the best livery worn by Western National

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Retrobus on Flickr
Western National Volvo B10m Plaxton  Premiere (by Retrobus) ©Retrobus (Flickr)
Western National Volvo B10m Plaxton Premiere by Retrobus. Taken with Plymouth hoe in the background & Looking really smart in the new flag's livery is this Volvo B10m Plaxton Premiere Coach and wearing a photo shoot plate WN1, this has to be the best livery worn by Western National.

If I remember correctly this photo was taken for use on Western National publicity and appeared on the new timetable booklets printed at the time. There is some discussion on Retrobus Flickr page for this photo about the correct registration for this coach. I am sure it was J703CWT but may be proved wrong! If you click on the photo it will take you to the Flickr page and you can see in the comments if indeed I am wrong!

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  1. You are welcome to memories of old buses! What concerns me more is the lousy 'bus service Elburton is now subjected to. No buses at all on Sunday evenings and there are no timetables up in bus shelters for the Mon-Sat service now being run by the inefficient Target Travel thanks to a subsidy from Plymouth City Council.

  2. Possibly either J701 or 703CWT although might be wrong


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