17 September 2009

The Wider Views: Rossendale Lessons


To sell Rossendale Transport would make no sense at all

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The second part of my look around the country to find stories which may resonate in Plymouth with the on-going sale of Plymouth Citybus. Today we go to Lancashire and Rossendale Transport. All of these snippets come from The Lancashire Telegraph...
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4th March 2009

COUNCIL bosses have spoken out to say the future of bus services in the Valley are secure following fears they could be sold to a private company. Rossendale transport, which provides transport throughout the valley, is currently one of the last council-run bus companies in the UK. Last week councillors discussed any potential assets that may benefit the borough if they were sold in the near future.
It is understood the Valley’s bus service is one of 20 council-operated transport services that remain in the UK. Coun Anne Cheetham, chairperson of Rossendale Transport, has assured local’s that this asset is not one which is up for sale. She said: “We are not exploring any option to sell Rossendale Transport because it is very important to Rossendale. “We have looked at our assets, but we have not discussed the idea of changing the transport system in the borough and we do not plan to.“ Barry Drellincourt, commercial director for the bus company, said: “We are not concerned about the future of Rossendale Transport because we know how valuable we are to the people of Rossendale and the council.”

22nd March 2009

AN INTERNATIONAL transport company says it could be interested in buying Rossendale Transport. Last month, the Lancashire Telegraph was told by members of Rossendale Council that Rossendale Transport was not for sale. But Rossendale Council is now understood to be considering selling off the service, which employs 250 people.

16 April 2009


A CAMPAIGN has been launched to help safeguard the future of Rossendale’s home-grown bus company. Transport bosses insist they are only ‘testing the water’ as they consider options for Rossendale Transport, based in Haslingden. A campaign spokesman said: “It was said in the meeting that Rossendale Borough Council will be testing the market to find out what Rossendale Transport is worth. “The underlying message is that Rossendale Transport will be most likely sold in the near future which could result in over 200 job losses, depending on who was to purchase the company.







A MOTION has been submitted in Parliament to save Rossendale Transport from the hands of potential corporate buyers.

Janet Anderson, MP for Rossendale, is among the politicians who signed the motion to support the staff at the council-run bus company, who have been fearing for their jobs for over a month. 

Mrs Anderson, said: “Rossendale Transport is one of the most successful local authority bus companies in the country.

“Everybody who uses buses in the borough state how good the service is, and the people who work for the company are very dedicated.

“To sell Rossendale Transport would make no sense at all.”

Coun Tony Swain, leader of the council, said: “The council’s previous position has not changed.

“Any decision about the future of the bus company will be taken by councillors after they have taken all the factors and relevant information into consideration.”

23 July 2009

THE council has vowed to keep Rossendale Transport after valuations made by outside bodies failed to make the grade.

Fears that the borough’s transport service would be sold to a corporate body have now been allayed.

Bosses at the council concluded that initial valuations made by a number of third parties did not meet the expectations of the local authority.

After council leader Tony Swain announced the company would be retained, a statement committing to improving local services, customer standards, operational efficiencies and local employment within the borough was released.


So there you have it.
Council says company not up for sale.
Council then says it might be up for sale after all.
Local ‘national’ competitor states their interest.
Locals start a campaign to keep the company in council ownership.
Council decide not to sell the company.


Meercat (by dracobotanicus)

A nice easy story with a happy ending. Unless the Telegraph have missed out large chunks of the story it all seems to have been sorted fairly amicably with none of the political vitriol that has been generated down here. The whole thing was sorted out in six months too. Somehow I get the feeling things are not going to be sorted quite so quickly down here! 

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