13 May 2006

New blog on the block

Absolutely nothing to do with Plymouth (although Plymouth does get a mention) is a promising new blog "EasternNational". well worth a visit.
Good time again to mention a couple of others which are wellworth visiting:
The Omnibus blog covers all areas of the bus industry and is one of my favourites. Very different but still enjoyable is the Torquay bus driver blog - which is exactly what it says. The day to day life of a bus driver. If you want a flavour of what they have to put up with then its a good place to start.

Although it has nothing to do with transport - although occasionally there is a bus photo or two my own Photoshopping penguin blog is worth a visit too - well at least I think it is! It tends to get updated once or twice a week and contains all the work I do with Photoshop.

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