09 June 2021

The Dart Decline Draws On

Two more Plymouth Citybus Darts have now departed…


Plymouth Citybus 0072


Plymouth Citybus 0079

And getting them to there final resting place are these two beauties

Trevor Wigley & Son

all the above © Jason Beverley

79 back in 2006 Never really sure why they merited the SuperRider Gold names…

Plymouth Citybus 079 WA54JWE

72 in the revised SuperRider Gold livery which at least got rid of the awful grey Plymouth Citybus 072 WA54JVV


  1. It will certainly be a different city without the darts. I never understood the difference between "Superrider" and "Superrider gold". I thought it was only meant to be for the Citaros but then they started putting it on the Darts too.

    1. didnt the Gold name appear on the Darts first? or am I imagining it? Whenever it appeared it never seemed to actually mean anything as it was not offering anything different to what was already available.

    2. i used to think the gold part was like what first bus had with the gold star, on the services that run more often then others. if i remember right darts had it before the 2007 citaros arrived or happened around the same time as the 54 plate darts got repainted


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