07 June 2021

The Great Britain Sail Grand Prix Bus

There were a couple of good reasons why there were no postings over the weekend. First of all I have l a lot less time while I look after my wife as she recovers, but also – there wasn't actually anything to post for the usual Devon & Cornwall Transit posts. No new service changes were registered last week and no services are changing this week. Its been a while since that last happened!

However, one thing that has happened is the new livery wrap on Plymouth Citybus 576 which I think is one of the nicest ones for a while. Thanks to Jason Beverley for the photos.

Plymouth Citybus 576 WA69CYZ Plymouth Citybus 576 WA69CYZPlymouth Citybus 576 WA69CYZ

She was of course formerly the Nancy Astor bus...

Plymouth Citybus 576 WA69CYZ


  1. PCB are getting a 5th E200 from GAL. It is SE24 (SN57DWL).

  2. Unrelated, but can anyone remember what ticket machine PCB used pre-ticketer

    1. Vix Erg machines, the version stagecoach are still using.


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