30 August 2017

The Main Event

Thanks to Will Spencer I can bring you a flavour of the bus rally on Sunday:

1 - MCO658.jpg MCO658, Leyland Titan, below Smeaton's Tower 4 - AU13FBL.jpg MAN gas bus, AU13FBL-712, Hoe Road, with a X51 to Coypool park & ride 5 - ORU230G.jpg Bournemouth Leyland Atlantean, ORU230G-230, heads up towards the Hoe 7 - H132GVM-15032.jpg Stagecoach Magic Bus Dennis Dominator, H132GVM-15032, at Mount Batten on service 7 8 - M6YKM, EY54CKF.jpg Oakleys Van Hool Astrobel, M6YKM. Former Trathens, M863TYC. On Plymouth Hoe 9 - H16TCL.jpg Tamar Coaches Plaxton Panther bodied Volvo, H16TCL, alongside Target Travel Neoplan Starliner, K8FTC, on Plymouth Hoe

Thanks Will for the great photos!


  1. Off topic...
    517 now outshopped in GCB Swoop livery, carrying the new strapline. Seen operating 72 to Looe from Plymouth at around 2pm today.
    63 seen in the paint sheds having vinyls applied after being painted in all over red.

    Many of the ex-Red Flash DDs have now had the old lettering removed from the sides and rears, with a handful with new wording for the 42 batch of routes. There doesn't seem to be any correlation to the way these buses are being branded/repainted though yet? 517 now repainted but 515 wearing the new lettering?

    Anyone have any idea what Red Flash DDs are expected to remain in RF livery?

  2. Some of the red flash buses are still appearing on the 21/21a. There was even one of the single deck gas buses on the route earlier in the week. Looks like there are some ongoing problems with the Spark buses.

    1. It does take a while for new busses to come out like when red flash was rolled out in 2013. it was not until 2014 all of them were out.


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