07 January 2012

Plymouth Bus Routes Part One.

One of my main aims for 2012 is to get a better view of the bus services operated in and around Plymouth. I have been slowly building up details on the sister Plymothian Transit Extra site but I really need to get a bit more organised and keep up to date with current changes as well as add in older archive material for routes.

With this in mind I have been playing with various Google Maps but I have now finally found a better way to show off a full route in a quick and easy format. The Google Street view Time-lapse video. Well, I say quick and easy way. In fact its proved to be a real pain in the neck as I have tried various bits of software but I have now finally produced my first video….

Plymouth Bus Routes Part One

Route 1 Royal Parade to St Stephens Saltash, operated by First Devon & Cornwall.



The whole video lasts just under 4 minutes. It does look a bit odd in places as the Street View does not always keep to the obvious path and occasionally it crosses to the wrong side of the road. There are also quite a few places where the weather changes dramatically several times along the same stretch of road. Google have clearly just used what they consider to be the best image they have for each section. Most of these images were taken in 2009. Hopefully the video will serve as a guide to the route and is a but more interesting than a plain map.

Now I have streamlined my production methods to something more manageable the aim is to work my way through each route in turn, roughly one a week all being well. I have seen a few areas I can improve on so hopefully future parts will be slightly tidier around the edges!

Hopefully the embedded video above will work for most of you. If for any reason it doesn't try using the Vimeo link below and selecting the video from there.

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  • Each StopArea has the equivalent of a CommonName - and generally this should be the same name as that which is used as the CommonName for each of the stops in the StopArea. AlternativeNames can also be assigned to stop areas for ease of finding them in Gazetteers: and all names are associated with a language to allow for multi-lingual naming where relevant. Public Transport Experience
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  1. i work for first and have suggested doing something like this before for drivers that maybe hav'nt driven a route for a while and just want a re-cap, google earth/street view is already widely used in the depot for diversions etc

  2. Think it's a great idea - be nice to see the 43A or 152 with this!

  3. You've done well to produce this. Mind you, it's a bit sppoky when you have to drive along the wrong side of the road, with the reversing car in front. But potentially very useful for 'learning the road'.


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