09 January 2012

Life after Plymouth: L115yod

Plymouth may have all but lost its step entrance Darts but many of them seem to have found new homes. L115YOD is still in Devon with River Link as captured by Jason Beverley at the end of December:
mid devon last day of 2011 014

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  1. Does anyone know what has happened to L124YOD?

  2. Yes 124,127,128 and 130 are currently withdrawn and for sale at Milehouse. 132 remains the only active step dart in service with citybus.

  3. Thanks for that information - 132 is used on various contract services, e.g. Tesco/ASDA free shopper buses and is used on school runs, mainly the 115.

  4. R.I.P 124 + 128.

  5. 'R.I.P 124 + 128'????

    Get a grip!!! do you think every single bus ever entered into service should be preserved????

    have a word with yourself!


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