10 January 2012


Its always good to see the local bus companies involved in a ‘good news’ story.

A DEVOTED fundraiser who has drummed up well over £1million for lifesaving surgical equipment is The Herald's latest Gold Star winner. Mike Turner founded the Cavitron Fund in 1983 to help buy specialist kit for Derriford Hospital's neurosurgery department, which treats patients with brain and spine injuries.

The fund and its supporters have raised more than £1.25million in the past decade alone, which has helped place Plymouth at the forefront of neurosurgery. Retired Derriford employee Mike, aged 69, of Plymouth city centre, has been named as the latest recipient of The Herald and First Devon and Cornwall's Gold Star award. The awards highlight the selfless achievements of the city's unsung heroes.

Mike said he is honoured to receive recognition – but the biggest reward is in the benefit of the money raised.

Robbie Lamerton, general manager for First in Devon and Cornwall which sponsors the awards, added: "We are thrilled that it has been possible to honour Mike in this way. He has worked incredibly hard over the past decades to raise money for a very worthwhile cause. The result is that Plymouth now has a resource at its fingertips that can be used to help save lives – with the impact of this being felt far and wide. Congratulations Mike."

This is Plymouth

I used to work with Mike way back in 1983 at Freedom Fields Hospital when he started the Cavitron Fund – he has put a lot of work for the fund over the 30 years and is clearly still going strong so is a very worthy winner of the award. It is great that the company sponsors the award but it would be nice to see them make something more of it on their own web site. Anything bad happens and it will get plastered all over the net – so when something positive like this happens – make more of it – tell the world!

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  1. Nice Story Graham. Mike Turner is a personal family friend of mine comes up to my parents house most days and yes he has worked tiredlessly for the Cavitron fund.


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