04 October 2010

Just passing through

If you go by Milehouse Depot will you probably see a couple of Dennis Darts sitting there which look slightly different to the others. They currently have the first 2 of 16 which will be passing through Milehouse for refurbishment before being returned to London. At some time in the near future they will be refurbishing Darts from London - and keeping them for Plymouth. Just not these ones. Blue Triangle ©Brian George

Driving the late shift at work on Friday, a number of people forced upon me their view of the fare they were charged for a one-way trip into the nearest city centre on my bus A Transport of Delight
York University seems to have joined the rest of York and shown some disdain for the FTR Streetcar no. 4. Omnibuses
At one time as in much of Lancashire the mighty Leyland Motors ruled here but with it's gradual demise a new favourite supplier came along in the shape of Optare Busworld Photography
Not a very nice day for the obligatory harbour boat trip to Devonport, but there must be worse places to go on a wet day than Plymouth Busworld Photography
Plymouth Citybus are now receiving a further batch of Dennis Darts, this time with the more conventional Plaxton bodywork rather than the Wrights that were brought in before. PTOTPA
Who was responsible for this idiotic scheme that never worked and nobody liked? John Prescott introduced it in 1999. It's his only contribution to Labour policy anyone can remember. Pass Notes - the M4 bus lane


  1. Should have known these weren't staying in plymouth, they're obviously too new for citybus. Go ahead are probably looking for more r reg rubbish to dump in plymouth. Pcb's newest buses are two and a half years old now and with no new buses in sight, rubbish.

  2. I reckon Plymouth will be getting the 52-reg 10.1m ones that these 10.7m examples are displacing off route 239. So not too old, hopefully.

  3. I seem to recall being told that we were expecting 51 reg buses but this may not be the case. Certainly shouldnt be any older. They will be dual door Pointers


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