03 October 2010

Sunday Best on Flickr: LTK91R

91 (LTK91R) © AECRegent: On repaint from the tram style livery, 91 was treated to this all over advert for Rockafellas

'Petrol-head Hammond' will say in his speech to delegates next week: "Nothing is more symbolic of Labour's war on the motorist than the M4 bus lane..." A Transport of Delight
We elect MPs to make difficult decisions on our behalves. Scrubbing the controversial M4 bus lane, however, was not difficult Omnibuses
Get a new angle on Burrator Reservoir along an old railway track and enjoy the spectacular views on this fairly level and easy going walk… Peoples Republic of South Devon
Although I wouldn't class myself as a railway or train enthusiast, I love the railway Southern England Bus Scene

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