02 October 2010

who said bus driving was easy?

I didnt take that many photos at the Kingsbridge Running Day this year but I did take this little 90 second video from Crosville TA5 an AEC Regal III with Strachans B35R bodywork. This fine bus was one of 12 Strachans bodied examples bought by the company in 1948. In the video we have just pulled out of the bus stop at Totnes and just have the mini roundabout to negotiate a complete 360 turn and head off back to Kingsbridge. I may be wrong but I suspect there is no power steering fitted on this bus! A great driver on a great bus. Thanks to the driver of this, and indeed all the other drivers for a great day out.

Cities like Geneva in Switzerland have a certain reputation for their sophistication and expensive civilised lifestyle Bus World Photography
Not only is Wellglade now a little more inclined to consider competitive fares, it seems to be ready to consider a 20th century response to competition Omnibuses

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  1. Steve Morris (Quantock Motor Services) driving. Western & Southern National also had 12. The six WNOC examples worked out of Totnes Depot. So TA5 was able to recreate a 1948 scene. Thanks Graham.


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