01 October 2010

Elegance in engineering

We are lucky in Plymouth to have these two beautiful bridges right next to each other. A couple more unusual views taken last weekend: Elegant The Bridge
Again we were lucky to have Boris Johnson, Mayor of London, as guest speaker and once again he impressed the audience with his sparkling wit Leon Daniels
When I said “no” we had no one-armed drivers, he immediately asked why did we countenance drivers driving with one hand on the wheel, then Omnibuses
This time the apple-green and cream on Nationals like 104 would be smothered in those much derided Stagecoach stripes. Bus World Photography
How do you fancy ten free single Plymouth Citybus bus tickets? Then this is what you need to do ... Plymouth Citybus on Facebook
We've said before that the worst thing a company or government can do is to give people something for nothing A Transport of Delight

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