30 September 2010

UGOing going gone…

From First the next batch of cutbacks...
Changes to South Devon services 4, 7, 11, 15 and 83/84/86 from 30 October 2010
Service 4 (City - Keyham) Following cuts in City Council funding for evening services all Service 4 journeys which leave the city centre after 1825 are being withdrawn from Monday 1st November.
Service 11 (City - Honicknowle Green) Regrettably service 11 is being withdrawn after Saturday 30th October, due to lower than expected passengers numbers.
Service 7 (City - Woolwell) & 83/84/86 (City - Tavistock) From Saturday 30th October ugobus service 7 will be withdrawn and replaced by revised services 84/86 which will serve Woolwell roughly every 30 minutes (Monday - Saturday) from Monday 1st November.
Service 15 (City - Estover/Mainstone) From Monday 1st November the routing for the service will be altered to serve the Marjon campus and on city bound journeys will travel via North Road East/Western Approach.
For revised service 4, 15 and 83/84/86 timetables please click on ‘Forthcoming timetables within the left hand ‘Timetables menu on this website. Revised timetable leaflets will be available from the First Travel Shop in Bretonside Bus Station from the middle of October. (Timetable for the 4 is not up as I type this)

So the Ugobus network is cut back even further. It used to be so different.
From the 2008 First Group Preliminary Results:
We launched a new network in Plymouth in April 2008. The changes are as a result of a year long exercise talking to customers, local stakeholders and user groups as well as an analysis of customer travel patterns across the city. The 'ugobus' branded network has started well and shows encouraging signs of growing passenger numbers.
And remember this from 2009:
"Since it was unveiled in April 2008 the Ugobus network has gone from strength to strength and the Honicknowle service, launched last autumn, has proved to be successful"
Marc Reddy - This is Plymouth

First 42753 S683SNG

Still - on the plus side it will free up more buses that Marc can use in Southampton...


  1. First really dont have a clue do they?!!! Why reroute the Tavi buses into Woolwell, its an inconvenience on passengers who already have a significant journey time from Tavi to Plymouth with diversions into the hospital. They should be speeding up this journey. I can see a hole in the market to compete to Tavi with limited stops.

    First will be out of Devon and Cornwall next year!!!

  2. Suggest you think about it more carefully. Only 2 of the 4 buses go into Woolwell, thus the other two journeys are fast to Tavistock. Can't see FDC disappearing - when has a bus company the size of FDC just disappeared

  3. It will disappear as it will gain a new owner, such as Stagecoach, Western greyhound. It doesn't have high profit margins that the PLC needs.

    Arriva and Go Ahead have disposed of some of their operating companies or parts of them in the North East.


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