31 March 2010

Terminal Decline

The Cattedown walkabout continues

The railway crossing at the entrance to Cattedown Oil Terminal site. Tracks across the road The tracks across the road are still in situ, but even without the vans parking acros the tracks the big rocks tell you that no trains pass this way now. If you look to the right you can see where the tracks have been lifted, and even the pile of tracks still sitting there, no doubt waiting to be carted off somewhere. Gone! It used to look like this... 20-Railway
The other side of the van you cn get a clearer view of the track that remains Into the terminal Just dont expect the lights to ever flash again... Stop!
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30 March
1309: PLYMOUTH/EAST CORNWALL: New Service 76 timetable (Plymouth - Saltash - Callington - Launceston) from Monday 13th April 16:28 PLYMPTON: Emergency closure of Moorland Rd again from 1830 tonight. ugo 12 will be diverted via Hilcrest Dr/Glenn Rd
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30 March
14:45 Devonport Hill the OUTBOUND stop at Richmond Walk will be out of use until Friday this week There is no space for a temporary bus stop.
14:50 Wednesday 31st March for 2 days the OUTBOUND stop at Cumberland Gardens will be out of use A temp stop will be placed after the roundabout

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  1. I'm simply amazed that the local "scrap metal fairies" haven't whisked all these rails away on the back of a Transit pick-up!

    I wouldn't leave my car overnight at the Cattedown Wharfs, let alone a big pile of quite valuable metal!

  2. While it'd be nice to see trains running in Cattedown again, if they are already in the process of ripping up the tracks then it looks unlikely. However, looking at the line on Google Maps it would be ideal as a cycle route into East Cattedown, especially if the council can link it in with the existing section at St Judes/Embankment Road.

    No danger of trucks except at level crossings, less interruption at the Laira Bridge/Faraday Mill junction since cyclists will be going under the road, and a nice view as you go past the marina.

  3. I see you found "my" spot. It's amazing the difference that colour makes as opposed to b&w!


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