01 April 2010

Incoming Enviros hit the streets

The Enviro swap continues

First Devon and Cornwall have taken further advantage of First Glasgow's push to standardise on Volvo/ Wright vehicles by swapping a few more of their Volvo Wright single deckers for three of Glasgow's Enviro 500 double deckers. The first three are being placed into service on the 15 today and it is hoped that more will be released by Glasgow later in the year when they will be moved onto the revamped Tavistock services. fdc-15
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31 March
13:34 Service disruption in plymouth. Viaduct closed due to collision please catch buses from Royal parade.
14:22 Service disruption in plymouth. Royal parade has now been reopened
Citybus on Twitter / Facebook
31 March
14:12 Due to an RTC on the viaduct inbound all traffic being diverted via Mayflower St and Coburg St to Western Approach
14:23 Viaduct now reopened, all traffic reverted to normal operating routes
17:02 Diversion for service 40/41 this evening, North Road East closed for emergency repairs.Service 40/41 to use North Hill into the City Centre

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  1. Excellent post. Shame the bus isn't route branded!!

  2. An excellent date to enter service Graham. One we may all remember. Excellent work with Adobe PS.

  3. I need to adjust my figures, as I don't think I have the depreciation charge set correctly for these Enviro 500's !!!

  4. I did try to get the Ugo branding on it!

    we can all dream...

  5. I'm just proud I didn't fall for it this year!


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