30 March 2010

First Swap Shop

First Enviro's arrive in Plymouth

First 44915 YX09AHA ©Nick Rice
Thanks to Nick for bringing the first photos of the 'new' Enviro 200's that are coming from Glasgow in a straight swap for Volvo B7RLE/ Wrights. 44915 YX09AHA is seen sitting at The Ride.
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In the news

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29 March
DEVON & CORNWALL: Eggxstra Family Savings this Easter: Save up to 70%! Buy from your First driver, Travel Shop or HERE
15:29 PLYMPTON: Emergency closure of Moorland Rd from 1830 tonight. ugobus serv 12 will be diverted via Hilcrest Dr/Glenn Rd
17:33 TORPOINT & PLYMOUTH: Fare changes on service 81/81A/81C from Sunday 4th April 2010
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29 March
15:42 There is an emergency closure of Moorland Road Plympton from 1830 tonight for resurfacing work Diversion details - Facebook or 0845 077 2223

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  1. Does anyone know how many people these new buses can seat? as I think I saw one today (from a distance) travelling towards Laira Bridge and it didn,t look much longer than an Optare Solo

  2. they are the same length as a baby dart, and yes they are already in service
    enviro 200's are available in 5 lengths

  3. Shouldn't Plymouth get 14 Enviro's in exchange for 7 B7s? lol


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