27 March 2010

Cattedown gets a little less interesting

The Cattedown Level Crossing

Continuing the walk through Cattedown we reach the old level crossing. At first glance all seems well... Level Crossing Sadly it all goes downhill fast when we stand on the crossing and look right towards the oil terminal Gone! Compare this with the view from a few years ago 14-Tunnel The view looking left back towards Laira is just a depressing Gone! With a comment left earlier that even the scrap yard has been looking to relocate to larger premises I guess its only a matter of time before the whole branch line gets lifted and another bit of transport history disappears for ever.
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26 March
12:16 We're pleased to be operating the Dartmouth Park & Ride service from Sunday 28th March. For more information and a timetable please click here
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26 March
10:41 Rob Harris: on behalf of all the drivers who were working late last night sorry for any inconvience due to late buses or not turning up in the crownhill derriford areas . it was a total night mare for us too . delays out of derriford all evening due to road works and traffic managment and then to top it all a collision on top of... crownhill fly over that closed the road for some time preventing use from servicing crownhill village we as drivers and city bus do our best to run our services for you but it just goes out of our hands some times
20:56 Don't forget about the clocks going FORWARD Sat night/Sun morning !!!!!!
21:44 Delays expected Crownhill by The Tamar P/H in bound due to R.T.C.
22:21 RTC at Crownhill has been cleared up, traffic running freely again.

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