26 March 2010

Friday Fleet Focus

Plymouth Community Homes
Its been a while since the last 'Fleet Focus' so here we go with a new fleet that can be seen in Plymouth. Plymouth Community Homes. PCH was formed to take over the council housing from Plymouth City Council and inherited their fleet of vans. They have since started to replace their fleet with quite a selection of new vans and also have been busy putting the older vans into their new livery which is certainly a big improvement on the bland city council livery.
Plymouth Community Homes WG57CFL One of the vans taken over from the council fleet

Plymouth Community Homes PJ59XMG There seem to be quite a few of these smart little VW Transports vans around.

Plymouth Community Homes KN59GOK For larger vans they have seem to favour Mercedes with this Sprinter noted recently.
None of the more recent fleet members carry local registrations so I assume that they are supplied under contract hire from some national concern but have yet to get close enough to inspect one properly. I do know that the fleet is serviced by Plymouth Citybus' Car and Commercial division who won the contract to look after the 156 vehicle fleet back in January 2010
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24 March
11:22 Calling iPhone users we've found a great new MyBus app giving bus stop times for every stop in the UK, check it out
20:24 Will be down to 2 Torpoint ferries in morning due to breakdown. They hope to have 3 back by 0900 but delays to services 81/81A/81C expected
25 March
07:59 Back to 3 Torpoint Ferries so any extra queues affecting services 81/81A/81C should be gone soon
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