24 March 2010

Quayside Railways

  Continuing the walk into Cattedown

The next set of photos from my walk into Cattedown a couple of weeks ago. It is nice to see these signs being placed along the route letting people know little snippets of transport history. Quayside Railway At least the track is still in place here. The Cattedown Branch
There is still the occasional train serving the scrap yard which is just around the corner on the left The Cattedown Branch Sadly I have to wonder just how long the trains will still serve the scrap yard.

If you subscribe to this blog in a reader you may have seen a new post last night about a 50p fare offer for Plymouth. It was in fact an old story from last year which mysteriously arrived in my reader again this year so I thought it was new news! It was only when I added it to my calendar I realised that the days didn't match up!
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Wolmers on Byers v Adonis

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22 March
07:10 PLYMOUTH: Mutley Plain gasworks lane closure starts today. Most buses okay except the 81C which is being diverted
10:01 Looking for your 2010 Summer holiday? Truronian have some great holidays across the UK & Europe from Brighton to Italy
23 March
09:04 The A38 slip road at Ivybridge is currently closed to all traffic and disrupting services 180 & X80 in serving Ivybridge. Further information is being sought from the Police and updates will follow as soon as we have them. We apologise for any inconvenience caused due to circumstances beyond our control.
09:13 There's been a 3 car accident on True Road, Totnes which is blocking the road & causing delays to service X80/X81. Updates to follow ASAP
10:54 The A38 Ivybridge slip road closure was the result of a car breaking down on slip road and the workmen not being able to remove the cones/barriers from the overnight works,. This has now been cleared. Thanks for your patience.
Citybus on Twitter / Facebook
23 March
14:02 Services 44,44A unable to service Taunton Ave due to traffic congestion, will update when clear
14:26 Taunton Ave now clear, all services back to normal routes

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  1. My old man keeps his boat in the yard visible in the last picture, and according to the boatyard owner, the scrapyard has been looking to move to a larger site for quite a while now. The move has seemed to have stalled recently, but if it does happen, then the boatyard is looking to expand onto the site.


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