30 November 2020

Dennis Darts–the remaining 03’s

Part Two: It is clear that days of the Plymouth Citybus Dennis Darts are numbered, even if they have lingered in service a little longer than expected. A few pictures from the last few weeks of those that are left still working

Plymouth Citybus 068 WA03BHX

Plymouth Citybus 069 WA03BHYPlymouth Citybus 070 WA03BHZ

Plymouth Citybus 071 WA03BJE

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  1. 30/11/20 -
    Darts seen in service: 60 (route 8), 62 (route 34), 63 (route 61), 65 (route 23, then NIS), 71 (route 20A), 77 (route 44)
    Also of note: 134 is now in plain red, 372 on route 24, 433 was on route 5.

    01/12/20 -
    Darts seen in service today: 60 (route 9), 63 (route 51A), 70 (route 5A), 71 (route 27), 72 (route 44A)
    Also of note: 370 on route 24, 158 is still in green flash livery with side top wording over stuck with white (as 159)


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