06 August 2014

Protecting the long term inability

Its been fairly quiet on VOSA recently but...

21 July 2014

PH1101608/9 - TREVELLYAN JACKETT T/A JACKETT'S COACHES, KINGSETT HOUSE,, ALBASTON, GUNNISLAKE, PL18 9AL Variation Accepted: Operating between Derriford Hospital and Chaddlewood given service number 52 effective from 09-Sep-2014. To amend Timetable.

Jacketts have been very quick to give details of the changes, perhaps a bit too quick... 52
I know I cant really talk when it comes to proof reading!
On a more serious note I can see a group of passengers getting rather upset. Most admin staff finish at 5pm so the 5:15 is a popular bus. If they now to to wait till 5:40 they will not be happy.

There has been one other notice for Target Travel. Didn't realise these football specials were still going!

29 July 2014

PH0006742/54 - ROBERT JOHN RISK, 4 ARCADIA, ELBURTON, PLYMOUTH, PL9 8EF Cancellation Accepted by SN: Operating between Southway (Dunnet Road) and Plymouth Argyle (Home Park) given service number PA3 effective from 12-Aug-2014.

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PTOTPA: Back in the region! It's been an extremely exciting first month, finally fulfilling a lifelong dream of driving a bus on the public highway, and already I've gained huge appreciation for what bus drivers do every day, it's certainly not easy!
CIRCLE OF LONDON: ADL Fife At present the factory is on its annual shutdown, which saw the manufacturing process slow down before grinding to a complete halt which is made evident through the above picture which shows one of Metroline's new 10.8m E200s in very early stages of production.
PUBLIC TRANSPORT EXPERIENCE: More Apples : the Crunch of Competition What we don't know, of course, is whether BoS is profitable and will continue to earn First's shareholders a reasonable crust after the service increase. Neither do we know how well Webber's finances are coping with the increased apple activity.
FOCUS TRANSPORT: More Apples : Megabus Doubles New Barcelona Services megabus.com has announced that it is to double the number of daily services between London and Barcelona following strong passenger demand during the first month of its new service. A new coach service offering fares from just €1 began running between London and Barcelona, via Paris and Toulouse on 8 July and has already proved popular, with thousands of passengers having used the route in the past three weeks.
EAST NORFOLK: First Assets Sale It's good to see First finally selling on redundant assets and attempting to get a better price for them than what would be offered by the scrap man. With all of the other large groups selling surplus vehicles on, First's "for scrap only" policy must seem ridiculous in the eyes of the shareholders, who would want maximum return on any asset

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