07 August 2014

First still Fighting

If you have been following this blog for a while you may have got the impression that First didn't much care for its operations in Plymouth and had all but lost interest. There have been signs that things may be changing but all to often any positive signs have been outweighed by negative signs. We have seen a fightback on the Tavistock corridor but then they gave up on Keyham. There have been rumours that the 12 Reg Enviros on the Tavistock services were leaving Plymouth for a while now which appeared to be another step back for Plymouth. However it does seem there is still life in Plymouth...
It has been confirmed that the 12 Reg Enviros are indeed due to leave Plymouth (or at least some of them) as it seems they are destined for Falmouth University services which are being revamped. But fear not, for the company has confirmed that newer buses will be used on Tavistock services in their place!
Its not yet known officially what they will be but my money is on new Streetlites. There have been rumours of new Streetlites for Plymouth for ages (but then there have been all sorts of rumours around most of which don't actually come to anything). Hopefully this will lead to a major promotion of the services with at least some sort of route branding.Talking of which...
It seems that the Park & Ride services are being revamped with a new livery at last. 33422 has appeared with a bright pink front end so its hard to miss. I assume that the other two Enviros will receive the pink front too. I also guess the Volvo B7s which have arrived from Somerset will also be painted in the same scheme. Watch this space!
I did manage to get a couple of photos of 33422 yesterday but as always Richard Smith managed to get better ones than me. I have used one of mine below and two of his.
First 33422 WA08CVG First 33422 WA08CVG First 33422 WA08CVG

Meanwhile First have also given details of their services for the Firework Championships:
10592833_318504554983713_7747255488006104163_n We'll be running extra Park & Ride buses for the evening British Firework Championships on Plymouth Hoe on Tuesday 12 and Wednesday 13 August 2014. Extra journeys will run from both sites to the City Centre:
PR1 from the George Junction (Southway) & Milehouse/Home Park Will run every 15 minutes from 1830 until 2045 and then with regular return buses when the fireworks finish. PR1 evening services will not pick up or drop off along Mayflower Street. After 22:00 return buses from Royal Parade can only be caught from stop A12 (next to Poundland).
PR2 from Coypool (Plympton) Will run every 15 minutes from 1830 until 2045 and then with regular return buses when the fireworks finish. PR2 evening services will not pick up or drop off along Charles Street (they will use the Viaduct instead). After 22:00 return buses from Royal Parade can only be caught from stop A12 (next to Poundland).
Normal Park & Ride fares will be in place:
From The George Junction Adult Return £2.70 Family* Return £4.80
From Milehouse Adult Return £2.00 Family* Return £4.20
From Coypool Adult Return £2.30 Family* Return £4.70
*Any 5 people travelling at same time, max 2 adults.
Normal terms and conditions for concession pass holder travel apply (as in free travel is only available until 23:00)


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  1. Repaint of these buses is prior to transfer to Cornwall

    1. May I suggest you read the article above

  2. Well, things on the Tavistock routes this week suggest there are vehicles off the road, in the paint shop or transferred:

    Today - 32716 and 32717 both on 86s (have also seen 33666, 33662 and 33664)
    Yesterday afternoon - 40033

    Today - 518 (RedFlash) on 12 (also seen 503) and 35 on 11 (but have seen 372)

  3. All a misunderstand in communication. There are no new buses coming.

    1. Wait and see

    2. Who keeps posting 'its a misunderstanding in communication' First clearly states that Newer buses where replacing the currently 12 plate fleet, I CAN READ!!! This is either a Citybus supporter or clearly a spammer!

    3. Someone within first who knows. The 9 E400s are going to Cornwall in exchange for 9 Tridents. 8 of the E400s will have their existing livery modified for the U2 and U3 routes that they will operate as part of a contract with Exeter and Falmouth Universities. The 9th will be a spare retaining full First livery. The Tridents are not intended for refurbishment. Plymouth has 5 B7Ls from Somerset, with another 2 due to swap for the last 2 of the DDA compliant B6s as they are painted green in Plymouth. Of the then 7 B7Ls, 4 are required for the PR2 and will be refurbished and repainted. It is likely that the remaining 3 will be refurbished too, and they are likely to be part of the mix of vehicles on the Tavistock routes.

  4. I have heard there is "newer" buses coming in and am hoping they are the Street Lites too.


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