05 August 2014

Target Travel

Target Travel were sponsors of the rally on The Hoe at the weekend and were well represented. They also produced one of the main surprises of the event with the new livery of recently acquired Dart Y184CFS:
Target Travel Y184CFS This does really raise the game as far as Target are concerned and is a real credit to the company. It also shows how well the Pointer 2 body has aged especially when compared with the MAN next to it Target Travel AF53EUW This is not the most reliable bus in the fleet and is not in brilliant condition bodywork wise. Last week saw Optare Solo operation on the Derriford Park & Ride service which is not ideal when you see just how busy this service can get
Target Travel WA05DFL New to the fleet and looking very smart is this Bova Futura. It carries the latest style fleet names for Target Travel on the front.
Finally, Target also had two of their Volvo Olympian double-deckers as rally support vehicles. I didn't manage to get a photo of either but Richard Smith did... WNPG Rally 2014: L116VDM

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