04 August 2014

The Hoe Yesterday

Yesterday was the Western National Preservation Groups Bus Rally on Plymouth Hoe, and despite the weather forecast at the start of the week it was a nice sunny day. When the weather is this good you cant beat it as a location for a bus rally. I only managed a short time on The Hoe myself as I had my puppy with me, which also stopped me from getting any rides. I did get to speak to plenty of people, though it was mostly about the dog!
Over the next few days I will present you with a selection of photos, taken by myself and Richard Smith who sent a few in too. We start off with a collection from the PCTPG fleet: WNPG Rally 2014: OCO502 WNPG Rally 2014: OCO502
Cant wait to see this one restored!
WNPG Rally 2014: M52HOD
Looking nice in her new coat as the groups Exhibition Unit
Plymouth M53HOD
Her sister has also been given a new coact bringing her back to the livery as new. I was never a fan of the grey skirt livery but its nice to see it back again on one vehicle
Plymouth TTT171X
Another bus with a new coat, again back to as new livery.
Plymouth Citybus 175 B175VDV
Still in as withdrawn livery but always a welcome sight B175VDV. WNPG Rally 2014: TTT162X Very much at the start of her preservation journey, TTT162X arrived complete with her matching tow truck
Congratulations to the organisers and the sponsers who have worked really hard and got the weather they deserved and put on a great show. Thanks also to everyone who brought buses to the event. When you look back over the years and see how so many of these buses have been transformed over time you can appreciate the amount of hard work that they put in. Brilliant job by all concerned!

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