02 August 2014

Plymouth Hoe Sunday

Don't forget tomorrow is the annual Bus Rally on Plymouth Hoe. One vehicle which should be there is this fine Atlantean. Always nice to see these back on the streets! I hope to pop up for a short while, as I have my dog with me I probably wont be on for many rides but I hope to catch up with a few people. If you don't know me look out a guy with a whippet!. The weather isn't looking too bad for tomorrow now so hopefully it will stay dry. If it does then you really cant beat Plymouth Hoe as a venue for a bus rally. Roselyn TTT162X

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PUBLIC TRANSPORT EXPERIENCE: Sapphire Simply Saddens [2] What is very much below par is the quality at the roadside. No doubt there will be the usual excuses; almost certainly the bus companies have devolved stop signs, shelters and timetable provision to Leicester City and Leicestershire county but, surely ... FOCUS TRANSPORT: Arriva Launches Sapphire in Northumberland Most of the vehicles concerned have been refurbished in a £1.6m programme to include free WIFI, electrical charging points, leather seats and audio visual bus stop announcements
THE HERALD: Bus services across Plymouth axed because of falling passenger numbers BUS services across Plymouth and surrounding areas are being axed because of "declining passenger numbers". The service changes by First affect Plymouth, South Devon and South East Cornwall from September 7.
THE COUIRIER: Progress for National Express ScotRail bidder and Dundee bus operator National Express has outlined how cost efficiencies helped it to “positive progress” during the first half of 2014, despite falling revenues and profits.
ANDY'S BUS BLOG: Looking back... Torquay in '73 - part 3 Today our regular guest blogger Philip Slynn concludes his latest enjoyable three part Looking back... feature, this time taking in somewhere a bit further from home, photographs taken on a holiday in Torquay in '73 - This batch covers non Devon General vehicles also photographed in Torquay in 1973. ANDY'S BUS BLOG: An extremely eye-catching Borismaster! Whilst out photographing New Routemasters 'Borismasters' on the freshly converted route 8 last week David Bell came across two extremely eye-catching examples wearing special overall advertisments for Adidas Predator..
PUBLIC TRANSPORT EXPERIENCE: Sapphire Simply Saddens [3] Is FWT's simplification a step too far? Would it be better for all (not just regular passengers) if the maps showed all routes in the destination area with those from a particular stop highlighted? Would "simplified geographical" be more helpful than a highly stylised but totally non-geographical collection of intersecting squiggles? And monochrome squiggles, to boot.
IAN VISITS: Weekly Round up on London Railway Transport News TfL’s former vice-chairman joined left activists to demand a land tax on wealthy London landowners to raise funds for the Tube and other public services.
FOCUS TRANSPORT: WEST COUNTRY ROUTEMASTER OPERATIONS. The proprietor of S&D owns a number of former London buses and on Saturday 25th July, a driver shortage enabled him to finally realise his ambition to use one of them on service 80. Thus at short notice, the usual Mercedes minicoach was substituted for RM1654 to perform the afternoon trip from Gillingham to Bath and back
WESTERN MORNING NEWS: Minister for Transport unveils new £1.6m Stagecoach bus fleet while on visit to Exeter Baroness Kramer said: “The 12 new buses will strengthen the already successful services run in Exeter by Stagecoach. “The company’s investment in its bus fleet is an expression of confidence both in Exeter’s growing local economy and the importance of public transport.
DENNIS BASFORD: Bolton Buses 1 The major operator is ‘First Manchester’ (FM) which has a history dating back to the days of Manchester and Bolton Corporation Transport departments.
SOUTHAMPTON BUS UPDATE: Velvet buyer revealed The Echo has confirmed that the buyer of Velvet is Adam Smith. Who, you may ask? The Echo doesn't say. Some might be left thinking that the 18th Century economist and philosopher has posthumously saved Velvet.

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