02 May 2014

The changes continue

The last few days I have been catching up on the latest route developments and activity recorded on VOSA all of which has been added to my sister Plymothian Bus Services site. The latest VOSA notifications bringing us right up to date are as follows:

22 April 2014

PH0000135/125 - PLYMOUTH CITYBUS LTD, MILEHOUSE, MILEHOUSE ROAD, PLYMOUTH, PL3 4AA Cancellation Accepted by SN: Operating between St. Dominick School and Saltash Community School given service number 117 effective from 01-Jun-2014.

School bus service 117 is cancelled.

22 April 2014

PH0000135/150 - PLYMOUTH CITYBUS LTD, MILEHOUSE, MILEHOUSE ROAD, PLYMOUTH, PL3 4AA Variation Accepted by SN: Operating between Royal Parade and Torpoint HMS Raleigh given service number 32/22B effective from 01-Jun-2014. To amend Route and Timetable.

I assume that the reference to service number 22B is really 32B! This change will probably make a lot more sense when combined with this next one...

22 April 2014


  • Starting Point: Royal Parade Plymouth
  • Finish Point: Liskeard Railway Station
  • Via: Torpoint, Downderry
  • Service Number: 32A
  • Service Type: Normal stopping
  • Effective Date: 1 June 2014

This is the new Cornwall tendered service that has been rumoured for ages. I am sure Citybus will be hoping that this will increase take up of its existing Torpoint service. It is also interesting in that the service has been extended to Liskeard. I for one will be looking forward to a run on that one this summer!

1 May 2014

PH0004983/471 - FIRST DEVON & CORNWALL LTD, THE RIDE, CHELSON MEADOW, PLYMOUTH, PL9 7JT Variation Accepted by SN: Operating between Exeter Bus Station and Princetown given service number 48 effective from 25-May-2014. To amend Route.

This looks like a change of route for the new extended 48 which starts soon. I am slightly confused by this registration as the existing 48 licence seems to reach Burrator whilst the new 'half' only goes ot Princetown - Cant quite see what the bit in the middle is supposed to be covered by!

1 May 2014

PH1016164/15 - HOLSWORTHY LTD T/A BEACON GARAGE, DOLTON BEACON, DOLTON, WINKLEIGH, EX19 8PS Cancellation Accepted by SN: Operating between Tavistock Bus Station and Barnstaple Bus Station given service number 118 effective from 25-May-2014.

Finally for now we have the cancellation of BeaconBus 118 which is now covered by the new Citybus 11 service. As usual it will be a short while before full timetable details come through.

Plymothian Bus Services:

Plymouth Citybus 117 Plymouth Citybus 32 32B
First 48
Beacon Bus 118


  1. I assume the 48 registration is just the usual device of splitting a long route into sections which are less than 50km. long - to avoid the buses needing tachographs and to keep the drivers' hours within the 'domestic' legislation. The timetable has already been published, so I am sure it will be only a day or two before a Wembury-Princetown registration is published. What is not yet clear is who will be rub=nnubg the rest of the Transmoor Link - especially as it has been Exeter-Tavistock for the last year or two, leaving the Princetown-Dousland road unserved. It would make sense for this to be an operator based in Exeter or somewhere that side of the Moor - Country Bus, Dartline or even Stagecoach.

    I assume 32B is going to be Millbrook and Cremyll..

    1. Exeter to Princetown leg of 48 also operated by First

  2. For info, the new timetables for First 48 to Exeter and the Stagecoach 75/A/B plus newish 5A/5B which replace the 118 and 70/A (Bideford) are all on the Traveline South (not Southwest) website under Find Timetable (this site now covers the whole of southern England and has some extra features). The Plymouth 32/A/B aren't up yet.

  3. Looks like A-Line Coaches have lost their service 80B to PCT 32A,that's the nature of tenders but still a sizeable chunk of revenue gone for a small business.

    1. The nature of tenders? That's an observation.
      An alternative observation would be that it is entirely in line with a strategy, to remove competition with a view to ramping up the price of tenders in the the future. A small operator cannot absorb short term losses another fact that is well known to large operators.

  4. Indeed. It's not at all difficult to be the lowest renderer is it! Interesting that First seem to have lost all their Plymouth based Cornwall tenders, but won back all if their kernow tenders at much higher prices.

  5. What ones have they lost? 81 to seaton etc. Have they lost 76? Perhaps by losing these low profit services as city is going in low the resources will be used on Plymouth..hence rumours of southway and plympton?


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