05 May 2014

Smartly presented but hard to find

A while back we reported the following VOSA Notice:

7 March 2014

  • Starting Point: Plymouth, Royal Parade
  • Finish Point: Plymouth, Royal Parade
  • Via: Barbican & West Hoe
  • Service Number: 25
  • Service Type: Normal stopping
  • Effective Date: 4 May 2014
  • Other Details: Sundays and public holiday from first Sunday in May through to last Sunday in September each year.

I had been waiting for a while to get the timetable added to my Plymothian Bus Services site but it wasn't appearing on Traveline. Today I downloaded a copy from Jacketts Coaches own web site which at least was easy to find and nice and clear. 

4 May 2014

New Route taken over Sunday Service from Plymouth Citybus under tender to Plymouth City Council, Royal Parade, Exeter Street Viaduct, Charles Cross, Exeter Street Viaduct, Kinterbury Street, Bretonside, Vauxhall Street, Southside Street, The Barbican. Lambhay Hill, Hoe Road, Grand Parade, Great Western Road, West Hoe Road, Walker Terrace, Prospect Place, Citadel Road, Lockyer Street, Notte Street, Princess Way, Derry’s Cross, Royal Parade


Now for me this was nice and easy as I knew that Jacketts were taking over the Sunday service. How easy for anyone else looking for a Sunday bus to The Barbican? Plymouth Citybus understandably have their own timetable for service 25 which is down as a Monday to Saturday service. Would it be too much to ask for at least a note on their to say that the Sunday service was operated by someone else?

Never mind, I happen to know that Traveline have all the timetables for all operators so I can do a quick search on there. Sadly no sign of the Jacketts 25 at all. I did check the Plymouth Citybus 25 just to see if there was a note but no - the 25 is still down as Monday - Saturday only.

Now I am fairly well informed on local buses so I know that the service is operated under tender to Plymouth City Council. As they are paying for the service its bound to be publicised there isn't it?

Well the City Councils web site is at best described as bland but functional. They really could do with a full site makeover but at least there are links to current timetables for all operators. Sure enough there is a link to service 25 along with a link to a map. Oh dear - it just goes to Traveline who clearly show it as a Monday to Saturday service operated by Plymouth Citybus! There is a link to a page about subsidised services paid for by the council but that is out of date too with no mention of Jacketts Sunday Service. In fact Jacketts is not even mentioned in the list of operators at the bottom of the page either!

The service started yesterday and Jacketts were showing their best side with this smartly presented bus with a decent destination display
Jacketts 25

©Bobby Darch

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  1. destination should have route number on the nearside as per dda regs

    1. It will all be sorted out, its isn't compulsory yet!


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