29 April 2014

An Eventful Life After Plymouth

Former Plymouth Citybus 125 STK125T made the news yesterday when it had a bit of a bump in Portsmouth...
Ukip bus crashes into Portsmouth station   Portsmouth News

At least the damage looks minimal (to the bus at least) so I am sure it will live to fight another day

A little reminder of her Plymouth days advertising the sort of equipment which might have come in handy yesterday! PCB Leyland Atlantean AN 125 - Ply., Garage PCB - 16-07-1991

©Jos Van Hemeert 16 July 1991

Just another day running a bus company

28 April: Srv 2 From Oreston to Town 08:20 will not be running - The next one is due at 08:41 - Sorry for the delays (VS)

27 April: Good morning, The Plymouth Half Marathon is taking place this morning. This is liable to cause delays to service 2 and 48. Service 2 will not connect to service 3 during the morning minimising the disruption to services operating in Plymstock only. Service 2/3 will reconnect from approx 12:30 offering cross city travel. (KC)

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