23 September 2011

Hitting the Target

I have been after these for the last couple of weeks as I see them almost every day but only yesterday have I finally managed to get close enough to photograph one. Very smart and full working destinations too!


  1. These are ex Dublin Bus vehicles

  2. There Rancid inside...

  3. I am hoping to get a ride next week sometime. Maybe its not something to look forward too...

  4. is there really any need for a double deck on this route?

  5. Morning and late afternoon runs were added to replace various school runs previously operated by Citybus, and they do seem to carry good numbers. The run that I have caught on camera is not always a double decker though so maybe Darts could generally cope?

  6. How many do they have?

  7. I think there are three.
    L969UTU as seen here acquired in July.
    L116VDM acquired in June
    and GIG7159 acquired in July which I think has reverted to Regn L101VDM. These last two were recorded as dual door buses but I dont know if this is still the case. Now I know where and when I can generally see at least one of them each day I hope to confirm details shortly.

  8. I Can Confirm There Is 3

    2 Are Dual Door

    1 Is Single Door,


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